Chris Brown Seizure, Death Hoax Resurfaces after 911 Call: Breezy NOT Dead, Twitter 'Jokes' About 'Fair Punishment for Hitting Rihanna' Go Too Far after Recording Studio Scare

By Danica Bellini, Mstars Reporter | Aug 09, 2013 02:23 PM EDT
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Early Friday morning (August 9), the LA City Fire Department recieved a 911 call from Record Plant recording studios claiming that "Fine China" crooner Chris Brown had experienced a seizure. The call came in at around 1:09 AM - when EMTs arrived, Breezy refused treatment or transportation to the hospital.

Few details have been released, but it's known that Brown did experience seizures as a child. The story is still developing...

Back in 2012, Rihanna's ex fell victim to the infamous online celebrity death hoax. "RIP Chris Brown" started trending all over Twitter and Facebook... pranksters even managed to comment on every SINGLE one of Breezy's official Youtube music videos, expressing their "heartfelt condolences."

Obviously, Brown wasn't dead. And this seizure scare proves just how NOT funny such hoaxes can be.

Some fans are now joking about the situation on Twitter, and other individuals are NOT amused:

@trevso_electric: "'Doctor! Chris Brown went into a coma after his seizure! Do we revive him?' 'No. He specifically said: 'don't wake me up up up up up.'"

@XavierLeeds: "i had an aunt DIE from a terrible seizure. so joking about @ChrisBrown having one isn't funny at all. yall go too far..."

@iCelestial: "Too much coke."

@ShealynEllesse: "OMG Chris Brown suffered a seizure. I PRAY he is ok."

@SimonsStephanie: "A seizure seems like appropriate punishment for hitting women. Don't get well soon, Chris Brown."

@AutumnAtley: "Chrsi Brown had a seizure?!?! Wha... u know what. Let's just pray for that man."

‏@nick_skiles: "Chris Brown had a seizure? This is what happens when he doesn't let his anger out on females. #toomuchbottleduphate."

@paycrank: "Something knocked him out for a change."

@So_OutRaeJess: "Ughhhh the Chris Brown seizure jokes... you guys are ruthless."

@girllovesports: "Chris Brown had a seizure? Oh boy, his light skin self was probably shaking after profusely crying. He's lying."

Pretty crazy stuff... but the current situation is NOT something to be taken so lightly.

Stay tuned with Mstars as more information developes... 

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