Adam Sandler Dead 2013, Morbid Death Hoax Slams Twitter AGAIN! 'RIP' Tweets FALSE, Actor Currently Alive and Filming New Movie 'The Familymoon' with Drew Barrymore

By Danica Bellini, Mstars Reporter | Aug 12, 2013 11:50 AM EDT
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For some extremely morbid reason, the internet has killed-off "Happy Gilmore" actor Adam Sandler at least a handful of times now! But the "RIP" rumors are NOT true - the 46-year-old movie star is still alive and well. In fact, Sandler's currently filming the new 2014 romantic comedy "The Familymoon" (also starring Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore). So no matter what fans see on Twitter, do NOT believe the disturbing death hoax rumors. They're simply not true!

As Mstars previously reported:

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So, obviously this isn't the first time the worldwide web has "killed" Sandler (figuratively, of course). Usually, prank news reports claim that the "Grown Ups" star died in a tragic snowboarding accident in Switzerland. Yeah, totally not true.

But the crazy death hoax still manages to go viral on Twitter on a regular basis. This photo is currently circulating on the popular social networking site:

And some fans are still buying it:

@eeeeeeeesha: "No way is Adam Sander dead!!! Genuinely might cry he was my fav guy everrrrr."

@RobJiggens: "Oh my god, Adam Sandler is dead..."

@Pearce8Jamie: "Gutted, Adam Sandler is dead! RIP!

@Nick_B__: "I'm going to get a bucket of ice cream and sit in my bedroom crying while watching Happy Gilmore if Adam Sandler is dead."

@SpaceMan_Nick: "Adam Sandler is not dead you weak minded idiots."

‏@gabigibson_X: "Adam Sandler isn't dead. No. He can't be. What!!"

@FlissKilpatrick: "I can't believe Adam Sandler has died!! Loved him! What a beaut! #rip #tapitin."

@jodymain1: "No no no no please please let this rumour about Adam Sandler being dead be a joke!!! No please no."

@misstorrierose: "And so passes the greatest comedian of all time. RIP Adam Sandler."

Not sure why people continue spreading these horrible rumors, several of them probably don't even mean to, but Mstars is here to let the true fans know that such "death" talk is completely ridiculous.

Sandler's currently producing and starring in the 2014 romantic comedy, "The Familymoon." Most of the movie is being filmed in South Africa. This is the third collaboration between Sandler and Drew Barrymore (after "The Wedding Singer" and "50 First Dates"). The official release date is May 23, 2014.

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