Justin Bieber 'What She Want' Drops N-Word In New Song [LISTEN]: Fans Over Miley Cyrus Twerk And More Outraged At Bieber? [Video]

By Mereb Gebremariam | Sep 04, 2013 11:12 AM EDT
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Justin Bieber is getting a lot of flak for his new song "What She Wants" where is says: "she wants me to be her ni**a." Fans on twitter and YouTube are exploding about his latest lyrics in his explicit song where he also talks about some sexual content.

In the lyrics Bieber sings:

"I just treat her right

You just treat her wrong

Yea I know she's with you, but she calls me when you're gone

You don't please her right

I just make her moan

Looks like I'm the one how to put her in her zone

(I'm what she want 6x)

I know how to treat her

She want me to be her ni**a

Despite using the N-Word in the song the YouTube video has over 200,000 hits with over 4,000 likes and about 300 dislikes. Twitter fans reacted to the new lyrics questioning the use of the song despite the lyrics are his most sexually lyrics to date.

Twitter fan @Remdelarem11h tweeted, "Justin Bieber done sang "Ni**a" in a song y'all. He done did it. You happy with y'all selves???? Miley next."

Another disappointed fan  ‏@YLVRTN1h tweeted, "so Justin Bieber is saying ni**a now.... no."

‏@PhillyCustoms10h  tweeted, "Justin Bieber dead ass said "she wants me to be her ni**a""

@haywoodterry10m  tweeted, "So Justin Bieber sings "she wants me to be her ni**a" in his new song. While I'm not so much offended. I do feel he needs to be jumped in 1st."

@610Problem14m questioned is Bieber was black enough to get a pass to use the word tweeting, that lil ni**a Justin Bieber gets a ni**a pass??

Miley Cyrus comes out twerking on stage to prove her adulthood. Is this Bieber's coming out?

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