Supernatural Season 9 SPOILERS: Osric Chau Talks Kevin Tran, Mother's Death, Kevin's Fate in Season 9

By Andrew Meola | Sep 17, 2013 03:36 PM EDT
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Kevin Tran was just a simple, nerdy kid who was preparing for college when he was tapped as a prophet of the Lord. In Season 9 of "Supernatural," the young prophet will have a lot on his plate.

Osric Chau, who plays Kevin on the show, talked to TVRage about Kevin's status for Season 9:

TVRage: Without giving too much away, what can we expect from Kevin this season?

Osric Chau: I think one of the biggest things is, instead of spending time on the houseboat, now he can spend time in the Men of Letters. We should expect him to actually get to interact with people. That's definitely something that he needed more of last season. So, I hope he'll definitely have more time with the Winchester brothers. He will get to spend more time with them, because he's not isolated, he's not in the desert anymore. Kevin definitely spends time with people this season. He does spend more time with the Winchester brothers, and he gets to spend some time with Crowley (Mark Sheppard). But apart from that, I still don't really know, because we haven't shot that much into it. I'm on my second episode right now.

TVRage: I've always been a little concerned for Kevin, because he was thrown into this supernatural world -- and he's adapted pretty well -- but, he didn't seem to fare well after deciphering the tablets (for the trials) last season. Is he ok, or should fans be worried?

Chau: I think for the most part that, and not just fatigue and [the normal limits], he just wanted to get things done as fast as possible. I think my favorite thing about Kevin is that he reminds me a lot of a lot of people I know, a lot of students that go to school, a lot of people that have work -- he's just a normal guy who knows he has to get something done. Yes, it's for his safety, but it's for everyone else's as well, and there's just no excuses for him that's acceptable to let those people down...But, apart from that, Kevin's fine. He's just incredibly tired and malnourished, probably.

TVRage: On another Kevin note, a big part of his character is his mom. Now, it's been said Kevin's mom (Lauren Tom) is dead, but we never actually saw her death. So, is she really dead?

Chau: I wish I knew. That's the nature of the show, right? Supernatural. Even if we did see her dead and [her] body, I think we would have her back. But, because the angels are expelled from heaven, and hell doesn't really have a king anymore...the deathly realms [and] the doors are wide open. I feel like that's a very strong possibility (laughs).

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