Eminem New Album 2013, 'MMLP2' Tracklist Leak FAKE! Fans Respond to Bogus Songs from 'Berzerk' Rapper before November 5 Release Date [VIDEO]

By Danica Bellini, Mstars News Reporter | Sep 18, 2013 02:04 PM EDT
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Earlier this month, Mstars reported that a "shady" tracklist for Eminem's highly-anticipated new album "MMLP2" officially leaked online - check it out:

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Eminem New Album 'MMLP2' LEAK Fake! 'Bogus' Tracklist Featuring 'Berzerk' Goes Viral Before November 5 Release Date [SHADY DOWNLOAD]

'ALF Sings Berzerk' Music VIDEO Goes Viral, Fans Dig Awesome '80s Sitcom/Slim Shady Mash-Up Before 'MMLP2' November 5 Release Date

1. Public Service Announcement 2013 (skit)
2. Return of Slim Shady
3. Berzerk
4. Dead or Alive (featuring 50 Cent)
5. Return of Paul (skit)
6. Jaywalk
7. Return To The Racetrack
8. Genocide (featuring Slaughterhouse)
9. Time-Space Continuum (But Now I'm Back)
10. Serial Killer
11. Fifth of Rum (featuring Yelawolf)
12. Breaking Bad
13. Yellow Jumpsuit (featuring Dr. Dre)
14. License to Ill (Homage to Tupac, Biggie, Beastie Boys, Proof)
15. Never Gave A F#ck
16. Inspiration
17. MAC-11 (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
18. Return of Ken Kaniff (skit)
19. Survival (featuring Liz Rodrigues)
20. The Proof Is In The Pudding (featuring D12 and Royce da 5'9")
21. Respect Mah Authoritah (bonus track)

Several Slim Shady fans weren't buying it:

JMSquared: "If it was official it would be all over the internet! Unless you gotta source you are wasting people's time!"

skeetx3: "too corny."

Technician: "No sir."

And they'd be right - this bogus list was simply made up by another Eminem fan who has too much time on their hands. Good try though:

AshTreyCMEPouch: "hey man, just copying and pasting from rap-world.com, not gonna say if it's true or false, i forgot to mention that in the original post, i just thought it interesting because of some titles such as 2 and 21."

KARLONBURKETT: "@AshTreyCMEPouch I looked on rap-world.com, I couldn't find it."

AshTreyCMEPouch: "i have no idea why, great site... nah bruh, rap-world.com is official, unless they're trolling."

False - rap-world.com is not official. Just like this ridiculous tracklist is NOT official.

shTreyCMEPouch: "all right, fine, no one's fooled by tracklists anymore, so i'll complete, completely fake, no rap-world.com exists."


Eminem's eighth studio record hits stores November 5, 2013. Until Shady releases his own version of the official "Marshall Mathers LP 2" tracklist, fans should be weary of what they read online. Just random oddballs who want some attention!

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