Sharkeisha 'fight video,' shockingly violent assault goes viral [WATCH]: Anti-bullying charities condemn disturbing clip, aggressor arrested after shameful tweets?

By Danica Bellini, Mstars News Reporter | Nov 29, 2013 09:57 AM EST
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On November 26, this disturbingly violent "girl fight" video went viral on Youtube:


In the shocking clip, a young woman named Sharkeisha is seen assaulting another girl identified as Shay. Apparently, the two were arguing over a boyfriend, and things got really out-of-hand. Viewers can see Sharkeisha repeatedly sucker-punching Shay without any remorse. The violent 90-second video remained on Instragam for 22 hours before being taken down.

To say the least, several anti-bulling charities are not amused. Now, the Anti-Bullying Alliance is calling for greater protection for victims of cyber-bullying. Representative Luke Roberts told IBTimes UK:

"It is important that young people, the media industry, government and parents work together to make young people feel protected when online... During Anti-Bullying Week we deliberately focused on cyber-bullying and the impact of technology on their behaviour. It is important to remind young people that the information that they put online is permanent and difficult to take down. Young people don't seem to comprehend that what you do at 14 might affect you when you are 19 looking for a job."

Kidscape director of services Peter Bradley called the video "shameless" - he believes young people needed to come together to stop "these terrible crimes." As IBTimes UK reports:

"These actions illustrate the thousands of young people who have taken a part in an attack on an innocent young woman and the images posted on the internet...The appalling footage should have been taken down from Instagram immediately. However, due to the website's moderators being too slow to respond, the horrific footage went viral immediately. As it was also liked by thousands of people over a period of hours, it spread across the globe like wildfire... The tens of thousands of young people who watched and 'liked' the video were wrong. The thousands of people who followed the attacker on Twitter were irresponsible and wrong."

Do Mstars fans agree? Apparently, Sharkeisha doesn't really care, and she's basking in her 15-minutes of cyber fame. After the attack went viral on Youtube, she tweeted:


@LilButtSHAR: "wtf the police knocking on my door and sh#t... calling my house three times in a row."


And things got even worse and more aggressive:

@LilButtSHAR: "Next b#tch i fight gonna be chinese, im sick of them spitting in my food."

@LilButtSHAR: "you wanna act like a b#tch.. you gonna die like a b#tch..."


Rumor suggest that Sharkeisha was eventually arrested by police, but considering she's still so harshly active on Twitter, who knows if that's true. In fact, she continues gaining more and more followers... more than 32,000 right now.

A recent mug shot did pop-up online earlier this week of "Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson" - but according to police records, she's been in trouble with the law in the past:


Hopefully such vulgar acts of violence do not continue, and Sharkeisha gets the punishment she deserves.

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