Monday Night Raw Results 12/9/13: WWE Raw Recap Dec. 12 2013: Slammy Awards, The Shield starts to unravel and Daniel Bryan's huge night

By Andrew Meola | Dec 09, 2013 11:27 PM EST
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The Dec. 9, 2013 edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw emanates live from The Key Arena in Seattle with the 2013 Slammy Awards. The show kicks off with Daniel Bryan and Fandango in a one-on-one match.

Bryan wins the match with a running knee and leads a raucous Yes! chant from the turnbuckle in front of his home state crowd. The Wyatt Family's music interrupts and Bray Wyatt appears on the Titan Tron. He says the clock is ticking and Bryan is testing his patience. He says there is no happy ending in his world and tells Bryan they are going to hurt him badly at TLC. Wyatt says he will prove that Bryan is a monster just like him and again asks him to join them. When the lights come back on, Bryan is leading the crowd in a No! chant.

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Booker T come out to host the Slammy Awards. Booker introduces The New Age Outlaws to present the LOL! Moment of the Year Award. The Rock wins the award for his song to Vickie Guerrero, who accepts the award on his behalf.

Santino Marella faces Damien Sandow with Big E. Langston on commentary. Langston's presence distracts at the table distracts Sandow but he hits Santino with You're Welcome for the win. Langston then runs into the ring and holds his Intercontinental Championship high in the air.

Shawn Michaels wins the Double Cross of the Year Award for costing Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. HBK says it's funny because he has double crossed numerous people in his career, but it took him four years of retirement to win a Slammy.

Kofi Kingston faces The Miz next and the latter tries to leave but Kofi runs after him and fights him back into the ring. Miz wins with a roll up and hook of the tights, but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise after the match and taunts his opponent.

Eve Torres comes out to present the Diva of the Year nominees. The Bella Twins win the award and come out to accept. The fans boo as the Bellas thank them for their love.

An eight-man tag team match begins between the teams of The Rhodes Brothers, Rey Mysterio and Big Show against Ryback, Curtis Axel and The Real Americans. Big Show cleans house on the outside as Cody hits Axel with the Disaster Kick. He tags Mysterio, who hits the 619 and scores the pin.

King and Booker introduce Shawn Michaels to present the award for Superstar of the Year. Daniel Bryan wins the award and leads the crowd in another Yes! chant as he comes out to accept. He takes the award from HBK after some tension. Bryan thanks Shawn for the "HB Shizzle Award" (as HBK earlier suggested they call it). He says without HBK, he would not be in the WWE, but he would be WWE Champion were it not for Shawn Michaels. But he claims he is not mad about it. He says the Authority does not want him as WWE Champion or as the Superstar of the Year, but the people do. Bryan gets a pop for mentioning Seattle, says 2014 will be even better than 2013 and ends with "Go Seahawks!"

Sin Cara aka Hunico comes out to face Alberto Del Rio in a rematch from last week's Raw. Sin Cara pulls off another win with a power bomb off the turnbuckle followed by a dive from the top rope.

The Prime Time Players come out to present the Fan Participation Award. Daniel Bryan's Yes! chant wins and he reemerges to accept the award. He says he is at a loss for what to say so he just starts a Yes! chant.

Brodus Clay squashes (literally and figuratively) Xavier Woods. He continues to assault Xavier after the match until Tensai and R-Truth stop him.

The Miz comes out to present the Insult of the Year Award. Stephanie McMahon wins for her tirade against Big Show on Raw a few months ago. She says everyone has finally recognized what's best for business.

CM Punk faces Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at ringside. Ambrose throws Punk outside and the three Shield members start to argue a bit. Rollins and Reigns start to leave and Punk catches Ambrose with a GTS for the win. The Shield members come back and Reigns spears Punk.

Mick Foley comes out to present the Extreme Moment of the Year Award. CM Punk wins for taking out Paul Heyman on top of Hell in a Cell. A battered Punk comes out still in his ring gear to accept the award. He thanks the fans for voting for him and thanks Heyman for being such a great target. He says if they thought that was extreme, they should tune into the pay-per-view on Sunday to watch what he does to The Shield.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper take on The Usos and Harper wins the match with a clothesline. The lights go out after the match and the Wyatts are gone.

King and Booker present Bret "The Hitman" Hart to present the Match of the Year Award. The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 29 wins and Cena comes out to accept to a chorus of boos. Cena thanks everyone who voted and expresses his pride in the match.

Natalya comes out and hugs Bret on the way to the ring. She faces Tamina Snuka, who accidentally knocks AJ Lee off the apron when she picks up Natalya, who uses the distraction to lock in the Sharpshooter and force Tamina to tap.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out for the "Championship Ascension Ceremony." Numerous former champions are in the ring with them. Stephanie says Triple H is the crown jewel among them and CM Punk laughs directly in view of the camera. Triple H talks about their championship pedigrees for a bit but the more he talks, the louder the fans chant for Daniel Bryan. Mark Henry raises his hand and the crowd goes nuts with a Yes! chant. Triple H says that's a lot of family for one building and he should have known because a lot of them look like Bryan.

Triple H turns his focus to the match at TLC and brings out Randy Orton. Stephanie brings out John Cena. Hunter asks them to hand over their titles, which they do. Cena also shakes Bryan's hand. Orton says he knows better than anyone what Cena is capable of, but he also knows what he is not. He says Cena does not have "ruthless aggression" anymore because he did not put Orton in the hospital last week, a decision he will regret on Sunday.

Orton says he did not get lazy as a "Boring!" chant breaks out among the crowd. He says all the motivation he needs is hanging there and that Cena will be the man whose image is that he lost the most important match in the history of the WWE. Orton points to the various champions and lists his victories over them before he tells Cena that everything he worked for will be gone on Sunday.

Cena says it's funny that Orton mentioned "work" and pulls over Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes nuts with another Yes! chant. Cena asks him a few questions and points out that Bryan has had to work for everything he has in WWE. He says the reason people cheer for Bryan is because he earns it, while Orton has been handed everything.

Cena says no one could ever touch Orton because the higher-ups liked him. He says all Orton has ever done is hide behind Triple H and Stephanie and yet he has the balls to say he is better than anyone in the ring. He points out Orton's behavior problems in and out of the ring and hypes the match. He says if Orton wins, maybe he can say he has fulfilled his potential.

Cena points to various champions and talks about his interactions with them. He then shakes Bryan's hand and says he looks forward to a fair rematch if he wins. He tells Orton he wanted to make a statement last week that when the chips are down he can be just as brutal as him. Cena extends his hand to Orton and says the last thing anyone will want to hear is another Randy Orton excuse. They shake as the belts ascend and the two start to brawl.

The champions pull them apart and Orton shoves Punk, so Punk fights back. Triple H tosses Punk away, but Punk gets back up and decks Hunter. Shawn Michaels superkicks Punk, so Bryan attacks HBK. Orton goes for an RKO but Bryan shoves Orton, who knocks over Stephanie by accident. Triple H Pedigrees Orton as Cena and Kane help pick up Stephanie. Orton has a stunned look on his face from the turnbuckle as Cena, Triple H, Stephanie and Kane stare at him as the show goes off the air.

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