Lowest Grossing Movie of 2013: What movie only made made $72 at the box office this year?

By Jon Niles | Dec 13, 2013 03:12 PM EST
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When researching box office numbers, we usually look to see the big winners of the year and ignore the lower numbers. Well what if we were to investigate the lowest number of 2013. Would you be surprised to hear that that number is $72? This movie, though you probably haven't heard of it or seen any advertisements for it, is the British horror film Storage 24. Let's find out a little bit more about the biggest flop of 2013!

Coed reports:

"This sci-fi saga takes place in a self-storage facility in London. The city is under a lockdown order after a military plane crashes and accidentally unleashes a breed of man-eating aliens in the populace. The people inside the facility think they're safe, but then one of the aliens finds a way in and begins hunting them down one by one. Just imagine a lower grade version of Aliens if the entire movie took place inside a U-Haul."

Again, you most likely didn't see this movie advertised this year and that's because it was released in January and only to one theater! No wonder this number is so low! Box office numbers usually come as an average of theater ticket sales from every theater it was released. This just means that Storage 24 made $72 at one theater.

This is still an incredibly embarrassing figure, but the film had no support from any big names or anything like that so we should go easy on the movie. Better luck next time, with Storage 25 we assume.

Check out the trailer for Storage 24 right here:

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