Ryan Murphy discusses 'American Horror Story: Coven' finale and previews Seasons 4 and 5

By Andrew Meola | Jan 30, 2014 12:12 PM EST
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American Horror Story: Coven aired its season finale on Wednesday night and revealed the fates of its numerous characters, including the identity of the new Supreme.


In an interview with EW.com, series creator Ryan Murphy explains the rationale behind the decision to name Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) as the new Supreme. He also offered a preview (sort of) of Season 4.

First, he discussed the new Supreme:

"Did you always know Cordelia was going to be the Supreme?
Yeah. I mean I think that was always the trajectory of that character. The whole season has been about mothers and daughters, second chances, second phases in your life, believing in yourself when no one does. And if you look back she was always that character. Even in the first episode they say, 'Are you the Supreme?' and she says 'No' with such adamants and sadness. So you can really go back and clock Cordelia's arc which we've enjoyed doing."

The site then asked if Season 4 would be set in Paris because Fiona went there, but Murphy said the guess "could not be more far off." He also declined to say much about next season "because we haven't even started the deals, and I literally just locked this thing on Monday. I'm meeting with people too and the writers haven't even started yet."

He did, however, offer the following tease:

"Next year will be equally as challenging, because so much of it is period and bizarre and crazy and gothic. My feeling is, if you loved this season, you'll love next season. It has the same sort of comedic tone to it."

He also said "no one has guessed it" when asked it anyone online had gotten the right answer.

After a humorous sidebar about people's pushing for American Horror Story: Circus, Murphy actually revealed that he knows what Season 5 is already "because it's a radically different idea from the stuff we've been doing and it will take a lot of playing."

Have at it with the guesses, AHS fans! What will Seasons 4 and 5 look like? Give your guesses in the comments below.

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