'The Bachelor' recap and 10 best quotes from Juan Pablo and the ladies

By Nicole Oran | Feb 03, 2014 10:02 PM EST
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Juan Pablo took the remaining eleven ladies to Vietnam on this week's episode of The Bachelor.

Single mom Renee was chosen for the first one-on-one date. The two enjoyed a trip out in one of the Vietnamese villages, shopped for a traditional custom dress and picked out gifts for both of their kids, Camila and Ben. At the end of the date in her new dress, she did get a rose, but still no kiss, at least not until later.

For the group date the girls went out on traditional Vietnamese boats. It was two people to a boat, and Clare ended up out partnering up with Juan Pablo. The other girls were not happy and claimed that she got to be with the bachelor because none of the girls like her or would offer to share a boat.

When Juan Pablo pulled Clare aside first during the evening portion of the date, took her to his suite, into a pool to make out and gave her the group date rose, it didn't really help matters for the other girls. But luckily he was able to fit in making out with Sharleen and Andi on the beach.

After the date, Clare scandalously sneaked over to Juan Pablo's suite at 4 a.m. and they went swimming in the ocean. She definitely has the lead in The Bachelor game at this point. 

Nikki was picked to head out for the next one-on-one date with Juan Pablo where they repelled down into a narrow cave. As expected, a terrifying trip to the bottom led to making out.

Wasn't it just last week that the bachelor said he wasn't going to kiss anyone else for a while? But the two ended up talking about her job as a pediatric nurse, got to know each other better, and she was given a rose.

It's not totally clear, but it seems like Clare and Juan Pablo did a lot more in the ocean than just kiss the night she sneaked over because he pulled her aside at the final cocktail night and said, "what happened, happened," but he wants to be fair and he feels bad about it because his daughter will see the show. She reacted with tears and was completely confused.

In the end three women were sent home: Alli, Kelly and Danielle.

Best Quotes From the Episode:

1. "Korea was cool, but this is like nature, water, trees, the sun." - One of the women at the opening of the show. Perhaps she just wasn't paying close enough attention during her time in Korea?

2. "I'm so excited for you. Cute shorts!" - Kat said as Renee left for her date with Juan Pablo. Excited? Really? Chances are that sentiment wasn't entirely authentic.

3. "I can't wait to make her enjoy the day and eat some stuff." - Juan Pablo said as he anticipated his date with Renee. A good date can be as simple as that with this bachelor.

4. "What am I doing here if I'm not going on a one-on-one date?" - Andi said once she found out she was picked for another group date. Some of these women don't seem to understand that they are on The Bachelor.

5. "For the first time ever it's an advantage to have no friends." - Alli declared as the reason for Clare getting to ride in the boat with Juan Pablo.

6. "Clare knows what she wants, and she's here to get it. Can we hate her for that? I mean we can." - Kelly said about the ongoing tension toward Clare for getting more attention. It's pretty clear that a lot of the girls do legitimately dislike her, in true Bachelor fashion.

7. "I need to know that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears." - Sharleen said before sneaking in some kisses on the beach during the group date. That's a...unique way of looking at it.

8. "You know when a baby giraffe is born and they have those wobbly legs? It feels like that, ya know?" - Clare said about her feelings for Juan Pablo. At least she doesn't see herself as one of the brown bears.

9. "I either live or I die or I poop my pants." - Nikki said before she and Juan Pablo headed into the cave. That's a pretty reasonable response to heading into a cave you can't even see the bottom of.

10. "I feel like I stuck my finger in the light socket. It's been a long time since I felt like this." - Nikki said about the sparks in her relationship with Juan Pablo. Hopefully the last time wasn't a literal experience.

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