SWV's Taj husband cheating, was she a former stripper; Girls fight as Coko's son put in jail; Coko misses performance, is this the end for SWV?

By Star Connor | Feb 07, 2014 09:50 AM EST
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It was a night of ups and downs as the 90s girl group SWV went to war. Thursday night had each one of the ladies on fire. Taj faced her insecurities with a past rumor of her NFL husband, Eddie George's cheating scandal.

Taj snapped on her band member, Lelee when the two discussed the cheating issues poolside in Atlanta while on tour. The drama even led the singer to call up the blogger who continued to write about the story, and confront them.

As SWV Reunited continued last night, as Coko shared her issues that she was having with her 17-year-old son, Jazz. The lead singer was upset and stressed out that her son had gone missing for a whole month, as her husband, Big Mike was out searching for him.

Jazz is due in court for a Vandalism charge. The scheduled court date causes a huge argument between the three ladies, because Taj and Lelee claim Coko doesn't communicate with them, letting them know things in advance. The singers claim Coko is messing with their money.

While relaxing at the pool another argument disrupts between Taj, Lelee and their road manager, Cory. He thinks the girls should be preparing and writing instead of lounging out. Taj gets in her managers face after he goes below the belt with his comments. The group was scheduled to have a music session with Sean Garrett. Taj tells Cory to "take your position," which includes booking shows.

While in the studio with the songwriter and producer, the ladies show their true colors once again. Lelee and Taj go at it again, about a song that Garrett has produced for them. "I ain't the reason" stirs up the pot as it talks about cheating.

Taj is on the fence about the song, saying she doesn't want to talk about chicks, and how they hate on each. She claims that the person in the relationship stepping out, is the one to blame and is the guilty one, not the other female.

All Lelee wants to do is talk about sex, the singer claims she isn't "getting any." After all the fights of the night Taj and Lelee hit up Atlanta's famous strip club, "Magic City." Taj even confesses to liking the stripper pole, after taking strip fitness classes.

As the show continues the ladies perform in Atlanta, at Taboo 2. They even reminisce on the worse venue they have performed at, which they claim is a house.

Taj keeps thinking about confronting the other woman, bloggers claim her husband cheated with, until she gets the surprise of her life. George surprises her at the hotel before the nights performance. She admits that the issue made her a little distant from her husband, and that she was upset with him for not being as upset.

Another surprise is when Lelee's son, Khiry performs at the girls concert. He is an inspiring rapper.

Although last night's show was full of drama, the battle is still not over. Coko still has to determine if she is going to cancel the show in Nashville, and everyone want's to know if Taj will confront the other woman.

We guess all the fans will have to tune into next Thursday's episode on WeTV at 10 pm.

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