Jeff Gordon, taxi driver prank goes viral [WATCH]: NASCAR racer gets revenge on Jalopnik Travis Okulski in Pepsi Max 'Test Drive 2'

By Danica Bellini, Mstars Associate Editor | Feb 28, 2014 11:30 AM EST
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Last year, this Pepsi MAX "Test Drive" commercial starring NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon went viral on the web:

Pretty hilarious, right? But popular blogger Jalopnik Travis Okulski totally tore the prank apart, deeming it "100% fake." That sort of ticked Gordon off, so he finally decided to seek some revenge...

In "Test Drive 2!"

Gordon stars as a taxi driver in the new Pepsi MAX ad, and this time around, Okulski admits the prank is definitely NOT a hoax!

In a new post, Okulski writes:

The problem is that everything in it was fake. Jeff wasn't driving the car, stunt driver Brad Noffsinger was. The car was the wrong model year. Every person in the ad was actually an actor. We were the first website to call it out and dissect everything. I did a few interviews on TV and wrote three stories about how Pepsi and Gordon duped the public. That [ticked] Jeff off and he wanted to do it again. Bigger. Better. He wanted to get me back.

So, just as I was able to say with total certainty that the first Pepsi Test Drive ad was totally fake, I can say with total certainty that this second Pepsi Test Drive ad is unequivocally, one hundred percent, totally, absolutely real.

This prank involves a phony ex-convict who goes on a high-speed chase against the cops.

Okulski totally freaks.

Check it out:


@tokulski: "This is a real thing. It really happened. It's not fake. At all."

The clip's already gone viral on the web. Is it better than the first?

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