Monday Night Raw Results 3/17/14: WWE Raw Recap March 17, 2014: Triple H could fight for the title at WrestleMania 30, plus Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and Triple H destroys Bryan

By Andrew Meola | Mar 17, 2014 11:20 PM EDT
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The March 17, 2014 edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw emanates live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio and opens with Triple H in the ring. He says he will crush the Yes Movement and plans to confront Daniel Bryan face-to-face later tonight.

Batista comes out and says Triple H has an issue with him and asks why he gave Daniel Bryan a chance to be in his match. He says he did not come back for this, but Triple H says Bryan has no chance of beating him to get into the title match. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton comes out and says he agrees with Batista, but Triple H repeats himself about Bryan. He wonders if Bryan is that much in their heads, but Batista says not much as he is in Triple H's.

Orton says he wants a match with Bryan tonight with no disqualification and Triple H consents. Orton says no one cares about Batista's return, but Batista says Orton is a terrible champion. As the two argue, Triple H starts to walk away but says he is sick of Hollywood movie stars coming back and telling him what's best for business. He's also sick of technically gifted men who can't win without him. Triple H says Vince McMahon is right and he can only trust himself, so if he beats Bryan, then he is in the main event at WrestleMania 30 for a title shot. Randy Orton hits an RKO on Batista to end the segment.

Renee Young catches up with Batista as he is leaving the arena, but Batista just says coming back to WWE was a mistake.

The Real Americans beat The Usos when Cesaro catches Jimmy Uso with an uppercut as he tries to dive over the ropes. He then hits the Neutralizer on Jimmy for the win.

Kane is backstage with The Shield and says they all made a mistake during Smackdown on Friday. The Shield mocks him, but he says they need a united Shield on their side. He asks if he can count on them and Rollins says yes. Kane says they will do the right thing or they will be replaced.

Hornswoggle is outside handing out St. Patrick's Day decorations when Bad News Barrett comes out and says everyone will get drunk today and wake up hungover and regretting their decisions.

Sheamus defeats Titus O'Neil with the Brogue Kick. After the match, he tells Renee Young in the ring that he will enter the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Christian, who was on commentary for the match, attacks him after the match and hits a Killswitch on the floor.

John Cena comes out and says he is afraid of Bray Wyatt and that the fans are listening to him. He says Bray will try relentlessly to destroy his legacy and that he feels it happening. He says he believes in the fans and that he will fight for everything he has built.

Bray Wyatt comes on the TitanTron with a John Cena T-shirt and says the world is a lie. He mocks Cena's lifestyle and says he is different than anyone Cena will ever face. He says he does not care if he dies and wants the fans to see him do so.

Daniel Bryan defeats Randy Orton when Batista comes out and spears Orton. Bryan then hits a running kick on Batista and pins Orton. Batista then plants Orton with the Batista Bomb after the match.

Paul Heyman comes out and says The Undertaker has barely survived against his last few WrestleMania opponents, but Brock Lesnar has demolished those opponents. He shows a video package of Lesnar wreaking havoc in WWE, and Heyman says Undertaker's streak will rest in peace at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Stephanie McMahon is backstage with Triple H and asks him what happened last week. She asks what happens to business when Triple H is on the road again as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. She asks if he is thinking at all tonight, but Triple H says he is thinking clearly and says he will take care of everything.

Goldust defeats Fandango with his finisher.

Kane comes out and says is the arm of the Authority. He says "Occupy Raw" was dangerous and that Bryan could not have done it alone. He says Jerry Lawler helped Bryan in his hometown of Memphis and tells him to come into the ring. Lawler won't enter the ring, but The Shield comes out and tells King to get in the ring. Kane says King is not in fighting shape so he will not enjoy this. Seth Rollins says The Shield does what is best for business and they all turn to face Kane. They attack him and Roman Reigns spears Kane. They triple power bomb him and stand tall over him.

The Funkadctyls defeat AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka when Naomi hits a split leg moonsault on AJ for the win. AJ shovers Tamina after the match and yells at her, but Tamina pushes her to the ground and the two stare at each other.

Big Show, Big E., Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry defeat Ryback, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio when Big Show chokeslams Sandow after all the other participants get dumped outside the ring.

Bray Wyatt beats Kofi Kingston with Sister Abigail.

Triple H comes out to the ring and calls out Daniel Bryan. Triple H says he is lucky if his wife talks to him tonight but he wants to talk to Bryan like a man because so much has happened since SummerSlam last year. He says he did everything he did because he felt it was best for business. He says none of it was personal and that he can't expect anyone else to understand the burdens of the decisions he has to make.

Triple H says Bryan crossed a line last week, and now they have reached a moment that was simply supposed to happen. Triple H says he has no choice but to end the Yes Movement now even if he has to end Bryan. He says no hard feelings and may the best man win and extends his hand to Bryan.

Bryan shakes his head no, and Triple H says he would do the same thing and worse if he were him. He says he has dumped a ton on Bryan since SummerSlam, yet he is still here, while others would have taken their ball and gone home. Triple H says Bryan has earned his respect, but Stephanie comes out and yells that Bryan was disrespectful and illegal last week. She says he endangered lives last week and she is formally pressing charges. She calls for officers to arrest him.

Cops come into the ring and surround Bryan as Triple H and Stephanie argue. The cops handcuff Bryan and beat him briefly. Triple H comes back in the ring, calls them off and says they are not even real cops. He says he is looking forward to doing this himself and beats a defenseless Bryan inside and outside the ring. Bryan tries to fight back but Triple H regains the advantage and beats him some more. He holds Bryan so Stephanie can slap him repeatedly. He leans Bryan against the post and slams his head with a steel chair. He Pedigrees Bryan and Stephanie kisses him. Triple H gets on the microphone and says this is their house and that there is no Yes Movement as the show goes off the air.

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