Hailie Jade Scott Mathers Twitter HOAX: Eminem's daughter 'hot trend,' fan tweets go viral after 'Headlights' music video release [PHOTOS]

By Danica Bellini, Mstars News Associate Editor | May 12, 2014 01:32 PM EDT
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Rapper Eminem just released the highly-anticipated music video for "Headlights" - and boy is it emotionally intense:

Eminem 'Headlights' goes viral on Mother's Day, Twitter fans respond to Debbie Mathers 'apology' song

Now, Slim Shady's teenage daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is trending hotter than ever on the worldwide web.

A viral Twitter account associated with the young blonde beauty continues gaining massive followers on the popular social networking site. However, it remains HIGHLY doubtful that this is the real Miss Mathers (especially after that bogus cyber feud involving Taylor Swift). Check out some buzz-worthy @TeamHailieScott tweets:

@TeamHailieScott: "I want to follow all my active followers! Tweet me or fave this."

@TeamHailieScott: "Please don't annoy Whitney with questions abt her dad. She wont reply, ever. Just help her get a follow from Magcon or 1D. Thanks."

@TeamHailieScott: "Happy Mothers Day Kim Scott. I'll never know ur sacrifices but I know ur pretty amazing bec @Alaina__Scott @Haiilie_Scott & @WhitneySc0tt."

@TeamHailieScott: "Happy Mothers Day to all birthgivers and nonbiological mommas out there! Tell them you love them before its too late! #HeadlightsVideo #Love."

@TeamHailieScott: "You expected sh*t but did not get disappointed... haha get real!"

@TeamHailieScott: "Everyone's calling him Marshall... im cryinggg."

‏@TeamHailieScott: "The song made me cry the first time I heard it so whatever you lil fucks. #HeadlightsVideo."

This specific Twitter account really started going viral after the release of "Headlights." But there's no secret it's simply a fan page:

@TeamHailieScott: "Eminem's Daughters // Hailie Scott and Whitney Scott have Twitter Accounts. But No, it's not public. Block/Report all posers please. Thanks!"

If anything, this might be the "real" Hailie Jade.

Why do readers think so many Shady fans are infatuated with his "little girl?"

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