Janelle Amborsia Apology For Racist Viral Video: 'Racist' Says N-Word Rant Is From Mental Issues, Says Black Man Called Her "Crack-Headed Cracker"

By Mereb Gebremariam (m.gebremariam@mstarsnews.com) | Jun 05, 2014 03:16 PM EDT
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Buffalo woman, Janelle Ambrosia is now apologizing for her racist N-word rant towards Narvell Benning after a video of the incident went viral.

After gaining over a million views, Janelle went on Buffalo's WBLK 93.7 radio station and apologized for the racial remarks and said that Narvell started the verbal confrontation when he called her a "crack-headed cracker."

Wednesday, Janelle told WGRZ-TV, "I am ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior the other day, especially in front of my children," Janelle told "I have been under my doctor's care for mental health issues and was in the process of changing my medication... And I am not using that as an excuse but to let people further understand my frame of mind at the time. I am deeply sorry for my offensive behavior and the ignorant statements I made."

MStars News previously reported:

A viral video of self-proclaimed racist, Janelle Amborsia going on a N-word rant towards a black man who scared her children by starting his car is trending. The Buffalo, New York native posted more tweets claiming to be a proud racists and seeing the difference between a "ni**er" and a "black" person.

Janelle tweeted, "There's millions of closet door racists. I'm the only one who has the guts to say what i feel. Sorry to the people who think that i care," later writing, "If you act like a nigger you're going to be called a nigger."

The mother of two was filmed by an unidentified male who claims that the children even got involved in cursing and throwing racial slurs at him as she screamed into the phone to her spouse saying, "talk to this f**king ni**er right now!"

Wednesday, Janelle continued her hateful rants tweeting, "You people separate yourselves and get mad when someone of another race points it out. THERE'S two kinds BLACKS AND NIGGERS." She later added, "I have black friends. So i don't need to hear opinions of people that don't know me."

Uncertain if the Donald Sterling wannabe was feeling remorseful for her Twitter and video rant she later apologized and said sdhe woild promote artists mixtpes on her twitter page during her 15-minutes of fame.

"Okay guys i'm sorry. to show i'm being sincere. Ill promote one of your mixtapes for free. Send me your mixtapes."


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