Monday Night Raw Results 6/30/14: WWE Raw Recap June 30, 2014: Chris Jericho Returns, New Champion Crowned, WWE 2K15 Revealed

By Andrew Meola | Jun 30, 2014 11:31 PM EDT
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The June 30, 2014 edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw emanates live from the XL Center in Hartford, Conn. and begins with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the latter of whom says she is glad for the warm welcome in the town in which she was born.

The two hype Seth Rollins' win at Money in the Bank last night and do the same for new WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena before they bring him out. Triple H calls him an A+ player, as well.

Cena says he will give Daniel Bryan a shot at the title as soon as he gets back in the ring. They announce Cena will be on the cover of the WWE 2K15 video game and unveil it. Stephanie dances and sings to Cena's music.

Cena asks what's going on because the Authority is being too nice. He dips into his old persona and Triple H makes fun of it by referencing the Doctor of Thuganomics and telling him to "chill his roll." He says he does not care if Cena is champion and the face of the WWE as long as he respects the Authority. Cena says he will do things his own way.

Triple H announces a Fatal Four Way main event at Battleground for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena will defend the belt against Randy Orton and Kane, whom he will face in a tag team match in tonight's main event. The fourth man in the match will be Cena's partner tonight, Roman Reigns.

Cena brings up Stephanie's pool bit from last week before he leaves. As he goes up the ramp, Triple H gets back on the mic and says if he survives this, then there is always a Plan B. Rollins' music hits and he poses next to Cena on the stage with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Rollins then hits the ring for his match with Rob Van Dam, which he wins with the Curb Stomp. He tells Renee Young in a post-match interview to get his name right because he is Mr. Money in the Bank. He says it's not trash talk if you can back it up and the fans are just upset that he did so.

Dean Ambrose appears on the TitanTron and says this is not over yet. He says Rollins needed his daddy Triple H and his uncle Kane to help him win, but Ambrose is not upset because now he can have some fun. He says he will be stalking Rollins to prevent him from cashing in the contract.

Rusev and Lana come out to bash America and say we reward our children for participation instead of winning and losing. She says no one will stop Russia or Rusev and asks for his next challenger. Jack Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter, who says he is tired of them insulting America when they have freedom here but not in Russia. He says a Real American can stop Rusev and the two big men face off in the ring.

Rusev steps in but Lana stops him. They start to leave but Rusev rushes back in and attacks. Swagger quickly sends him outside and Rusev tries to charge in again but Lana yells at him and holds him back.

The Wyatt Family defeat The Usos and Sheamus when Luke Harper hits a lariat on Jey Uso for the pin.

Stephanie McMahon meets Nikki Bella backstage and books her against the Funkadactyls for later in the night.

Bo Dallas comes out and asks for a minute of silence for Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan because they cannot compete. The lights go down and he Tebows for a whole minute. Bo brings up his words to Bryan last night and they replay a portion of it. He tells everyone not to stop Bo-lieving.

The Funkadactyls beat Nikki Bella but then get in each other's faces to further tease their breakup.

Paul Heyman cuts a promo to hype Cesaro for his match against Kofi Kingston, who actually wins the match during a commercial break. Cesaro demolishes him after the match.

Santino has a picnic and is upset no one came. Adam Rose and the Exotic Express come in to give him Twisted Tea, so the whole segment is more or less an advertisement.

Damien Sandow comes out as Vince McMahon. He says he will be in the upcoming Battle Royal for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Stephanie appears on the TitanTron and she is not happy. She says Sandow must earn his spot in the match by facing The Great Khali, who beats Sandow with one chop.

The Miz returns and cuts a heel promo about his time in Hollywood. He says he will stick around WWE despite his other successes and says he wants to main event WrestleMania again.

All of a sudden, Chris Jericho's music hits! Miz asks him if he is here to give him a Lifetime Achievement Award or if this is 2012 Jericho, who doesn't talk and wears a Lite Brite jacket. Jericho takes off his jacket and Miz yells at him for interrupting his comeback. Jericho hits him with the Codebreaker.

He grabs a microphone and says he has waited a long time to say "" but the Wyatt Family interrupts him. They appear in the ring and assault him. Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Fandango when Summer Rae comes out and makes out with him, which allows Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag.

Goldust and Stardust defeat Rybaxel.

Paige comes out to the ring and says she is a woman of few words. She says her detractors are wrong and she deserves to stay. AJ Lee then makes her return and says Paige is right. She says Paige brought her back to reality, thanks her for it and congratulates her.

Paige says she won't fall for that and will not defend her title. AJ asks the crowd, who clearly want the match, so Paige reluctantly agrees to a title defense on the spot. AJ regains the title with a roll up.

Roman Reigns and John Cena beat Randy Orton and Kane by disqualification when Kane hits Cena with the steel steps outside the ring. He plants Cena with a Tombstone Piledriver in the ring and Cena is out cold. Triple H checks on him and waves for someone.

Seth Rollins then comes out with a referee to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. The referee hesitates to ring the bell, which allows Dean Ambrose to rush out and maul Rollins. They fight through the crowd and out of the arena.

Kane moves in on Cena but Reigns returns to make the save. He and Triple H stare each other down as the show goes off the air.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Raw? Let us know in the comments below.

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