[Exclusive] OMG Talks About New Single 'Boy It's Over,' Working With Jagged Edge, And What Rapper T.I. Thinks About The New Sexy Look

By Mereb Gebremariam (m.gebremariam@mstarsnews.com) | Sep 09, 2014 01:24 PM EDT
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The group formerly known as the "OMG Girlz" are kicking their tutus aside and reintroducing themselves as "Officially Miss Guided." While ditching the "Girlz" from their name behind them, Star, Beauty, and Babydoll are transforming into young ladies and proving so with their latest single, "Boy It's Over," where the ladies kick their love interest to the curb in the 1990's inspired track.

Founded by Star's mother, former Xscape singer, Tamkea "Tiny" Harris, the girls take advice and from the former SoSo Def singer and her former label mates, Jagged Edge and infuse the 90's R&B sound with today's sound.

The three colorful women exclusively spoke to MStars News to dish about "Boy It's Over" breakup tips, growing up on screen and what Star's overprotective dad T.I. thinks about the girl's sexier new image.

Jagged Edge wrote your new single "Boy It's Over." Explain the road to that relationship?

Beauty: It was really fun working with them. It was actually really cool. We used to be around them since we were younger because of her [Star's] mom was obviously in SoSo Def and they were obviously in SoSo Def, and we have been around them often. It's just really fun to actually get in the studio and work with them because they're just so seasoned in the industry and they gave us a lot of good pointers and showed us some things about ourselves and our voices that we really didn't know which was actually really cool.

What did Brandon and Brian they teach you during the recording sessions?

Star: They taught us a lot about our voices actually. Like really to push things out especially when it comes to me, cause I have a softer voice, and they were just really helping us channel our emotion and getting it out through the song. They really helped us a lot.

Can you relate to your new single? Did you ever break anyone's heart or have you ever been heartbroken?

Babydoll: I could relate to it just from past experience. Breaking up with a boy wasn't the best or whatever. So, it's like you're over it and done with him. So I can most definitely say I've had that experience in the past.

The art cover for "Boy It's Over" is sexier than your usual image. Is this your introductory from girls to women now?

Beauty: Like the whole transformation is really just us just growing up and maturing and becoming women because now we're 18- well over 18 because Babydoll is 19- but it's just like really us coming into our own. In this industry we see a lot of things that really 18 and 19-year-old girls wouldn't really got through. Were much more mature now and we have a lot to talk about and a lot to say and that's basically what the transformation is. Growing up and showing people were not just little girls in a tutu with the color hair, but we're actually young women that really have something to talk about and something to say to people.

Star, your step-dad is rapper T.I. What was his reaction to the sexy look?

Star: He's been out of town a lot since we put these photos out. We haven't got to talk to him about it yet, so I'm not too sure what his thoughts are on the pictures, but I'm sure my mom has to hear a whole earful of it.

How do you think you've grown in the music industry since you've started in 2009 and where do you see yourself going in 2014?

Beauty: When we first started out in 2009 we were like 12-13 so it was kind of just starting it and doing it because we really liked it. Now we still have the same passion for it because we're much more serious and it's a lifestyle now. Now it's just like everything that we embody is serious. Us being so super serious about what we do is really what the change has been. Like we have Babydoll now and it's just much more serious. We're creatively involved, we control everything creatively down to how we're perceived by the public and that's just where the changes came in at. It's just really our career now, and we pretty much just do what the three of us really want to do.

Star: And we don't see ourselves anywhere but everywhere. That's what we plan to do in the future.

With constant touring and recording how do you remain grounded?

Babydoll: we surround ourselves with our families a lot when we have our time off. We have each other, keep each other grounded. We're very thankful for every moment that has taken place in our lives. If anything, it's more humbling than anything, and we keep such a great team around us our family is mostly involved and then we have our choreographer and everyone that we just came up with. If anything happens they'll check us. We have each other to embrace the moment and keep each other grounded.

Beauty: Especially with the new single just coming out and it actually charted- like it was number 6 on iTunes on the R&B soul chart- we never charted before, so it was just really humbling for us to see that we really did it without a major label. It was just us telling our fans to go buy the song and it still charted and that was really humbling for us as well.

Does touring ever get too overwhelming? Do you ever want to slow down and focus on school?

Star: I think the whole thing can sometimes get overwhelming. Because we have each other it never gets overwhelming to the point where any of us is like 'ok, this is not what I wanna do.' If it gets too overwhelming we just have each other to like bring it down. When it comes to school and stuff, we all are interested in going to college still. We can do it online or we can go back. It's always an option.

You were known as the "OMG Girlz" and have recently dropped the "Girlz" from the original name. Why?

Babydoll: As we get older the sound we've been creating, we've been growing. Not only as in age, but maturing in our music and as physically wise as we turn 18-19 and doing our music and working with Brian and Brandon, hearing this new sound we just figured we should drop the "Girlz" and make it more official and older cause we're older, we're young ladies now, not so much as girls. So we drop the "Girlz" and put "Officially Miss Guided" which means ladies who were guided through role models, young teens, anybody else just to show that to stay grounded and to do this and not have drama in it. Just be positive role models and have fun."

You seem to have started the bold hair color trend. What made you guys decided to go with the bright colors as a group?

Beauty: Yea definitely were. It's just been a really big part of who we are. Even from the beginning like our first performance ever we just put our color pieces in there and we just thought it was cute. We just never thought it would catch on the way that it did and now it's just like that's just our thing. We just did it because we're creative that's just what we do. That's just what we like. You know pink is my favorite color, purple is Star, Babydoll is blue and it's just more chill they just represent our personality and who we are as people and it's our brand as well.

You guys appear on VH1's "T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle." Do you want to have your own reality show?

Star: We have been talking about doing a reality show. We are really interested in doing a reality show together and we will be working on that.

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