[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] LA Podcast Festival Creator Chris Mancini’s Last Laugh: Podcasting, ‘Comedy Film Nerds’ and Pacifying That “Freaked-Out" Dad [VIDEO]

By Kyle Dowling (k.dowling@musictimes.com) | Oct 08, 2014 05:07 PM EDT
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In Last Laugh, MStarsNews talks to our favorite comedians or funny people about some of the last experiences they've had over the years. For this installment, we welcome in comedian/podcaster Chris Mancini.


If you've ever heard of or attended the Los Angeles Podcast Festival, then you can thank comedian Chris Mancini. The comic is one of the festival's creators, often known as LA PodFest, and host of the popular podcast Comedy Film Nerds. Additionally, his book, Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked-Out New Dad was released in 2009. And now, Chris Mancini has a Last Laugh with MStarsNews!

So, Chris Mancini, who/what/where/when was the ...

MStarsNews: Last time you wore something you hated?
Chris Mancini: I hate wearing a tie, so when someone celebrates something formally I know I'm going to be uncomfortable.

MS: Last person to see you naked?
CM: Myself in the mirror, and I'm still angry about it.

MS: Last day job you had?
CM: I was a Vitamin Label Proofreader. People don't even think that job exists when I tell them. But oh, it does.

MS: Last place you traveled to outside of the US?
CM: I went to Australia and Japan a few months ago while shooting Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary. I got recognized in Japan and it really caught me off guard. I don't get recognized in Los Angeles, but I got recognized in Japan.

Los Angeles Podcast Festival 2013 by lapodfest

MS: Last guilty pleasure you discovered?
CM: Ice Cream. Seriously, as an adult, sometimes you forget how delicious it is.

MS: Last piece of advice another comedian ever gave you?
CM: Always get paid before you leave the club.

MS: Last thing you regretted?
CM: Eating too much ice cream.

MS: Last time you bombed onstage?
CM: It was a one-nighter in northern California. I should have been suspicious when I kept passing "Don't Do Meth" billboards as I got closer to the gig. The crowd didn't like me except for three college kids in the front. Everyone liked the other act except the three college kids. So I had to listen to the other act complain all the way on the drive home about how stupid those three college kids were. Lesson learned: Never drive with the other act.

MS: Last time you lost your cool?
CM: I have two young children and a lot of broken electronics. Most likely very recently.

MS:  Last piece of advice you gave someone?
CM: The anxiety leading up to becoming a Dad is way worse than actually being one. Something every guy has to go through. That's why I wrote Pacify Me, A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad –– to give new Dads advice and help them.

MS: Last time you were the butt of the joke?
CM: Truthfully, I'm not sure because I think it's happening all the time. Every day I think some hidden camera show is going to reveal itself as I fight with a cable company, a bank or think my children are outsmarting me.

MS: Last time you got into a fight?
CM: Never been in a real fight, but I did get in a shouting match with a lady at PALM when my $500 Palm Pilot screen broke on the 2nd day I had it. Needless to say, they are out of business. I also got in a fight with a manager at Borders Books. I'm just saying...

MS: Last time you wished you were someone else?
CM: Never, but I often wish I was a better me.

MS: Last thing you had to apologize for?
CM: Forgetting someone's name after I had met them like five times. I still don't remember their name.

MS: Last time you laughed really hard?
CM: When someone tried to explain to me how great the ending to LOST was.

MS: Last time you felt uncomfortable?
CM: Whenever anyone makes eye contact with me. I'm skittish.

Be sure to check out Chris at his official site and on Twitter. Purchase his book on Amazon.

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