Top 5 Best Detox Diets You Can Buy Online

By Elena Lopez ( | Oct 13, 2014 09:02 AM EDT
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Fall is the perfect time to cleanse your body before the holiday season arrives. Give yourself a quick detox to drop a few pounds, flush out toxins and give your digestive system a break before being tempted by all of the unhealthy foods of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The practice of detoxifying the body to rid it of unhealthy toxins has been around for centuries. According to Lady Lux, detox diets are low in calories and cut out refined sugars, packaged foods, sodium, and alcohol. They promote the consumption of lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, water and herbal tea. Websites like Everday Health, encourage us to cleanse our organs, especially the liver, because it is our body's best defense when it comes to filtering out toxins.

Chopping fruits and vegetables and juicing greens can be time consuming, and also expensive. To make it easy on yourself, there are pre-packaged options that give you all of the benefits of a cleanse, without any of the work. Here are five pre-packaged detox and cleanse diets. Pick out your favorite and cleanse your body before the holiday season hits!

BluePrint Cleanse

This is a popular pre-packaged cleanse that's available at health food stores like Whole Foods or through online purchase. The plan offers three versions:

Renovation Cleanse – This option is designed for beginners who've never cleansed before and offers six juices per day.

Foundation Cleanse – This option triggers your body to cleanse and gently detox. After this more intense cleanse, you can move up to the next level.

Excavation Cleanse – This deep-cleanse offers the most intensity and is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll and restore your alkaline balance. It digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling renewed.

The cleanses are $65 a day, not including shipping and handling. However, if you live in New York City or Los Angeles, delivery is free.

Pressed Juicery

This cleanse program also offers three versions: 1, 2 and 3. Each one is progressively more strict, with fewer calories and more green juice as you move to the next version. You can choose one, three or five-day cleanses. The total for each 5-day cleanse is $325.  If you choose to just try it for one day, the cost is only $72.

Traditional Medicinals

This US company offers a variety of detox teas:

EveryDay Detox – Based on a combination of herbs inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalists blended dandelion and chicory roots with schisandra berries.

EveryDay Detox Lemon – Gently supporting your body's natural detoxification process, herbalists created this lemon tea to help beautify skin, as well as ease digestion and promote flushing of the kidneys.

Roasted Dandelion Root – This tea gently stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion with mildly bitter, roasted dandelion root that helps your body break down fats and carry away waste. 

Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is a line of raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, cold-pressed juices and energy boosting tinctures that blend cutting-edge nutrition with Traditional Chinese Medicine for deeply healing elixirs. They're lower sugar than other cold-pressed juices, and provide options for adding raw, organic foods to a juice cleanse.

There are three options: the low glycemic cleanse, the purify cleanse and the super green cleanse. Each one is $74.99 a day with free shipping, and can be purchased in increments from one to 20 days, depending on preference.

Kaeng Raeng

Kaeng Raeng is a nutritional meal replacement cleanse program that delivers results without sacrificing taste, convenience, quality, or your sanity. Vegan, gluten free, soy free, caffeine free, nut free, non-gmo, all natural, and only locally sourced ingredients.

Choose your timeline –– either 3 or 6 day. The 6-Day program is ideal for those trying to lose weight. You'll receive 3 packets per day of the detox program you choose.

The cost is less than other programs, only $10 for a sample packet if you want to try it before buying a full cleanse, or $79.99 for a three-day cleanse. Not bad at all.

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