Skinny Disney Princesses: Twitter Fans Disapprove of 'Unhealthy' Barneys Campaign

By Danica Bellini | Aug 30, 2012 02:46 PM EDT
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New York's Barneys' annual holiday campaign features a well-known cast of characters - but with a new physical twist. Classic animated Disney stars (Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy...) are all featured in the high-fashion campaign, but... they're skinny. That's right, Barneys put the Disney crew on a strict diet, and most Twitter fans are pretty unhappy about it. What do you think? Check out some of the sample pics here:

@PiscesStar7: "WTF? Are you trippin @Disney? Don't you think that girls hv enough body image issues to deal with?"

@KayteeHernandez: "Not even cartoons can escape the fashion industry standards."

‏@Bfejarang: "@NEDAstaff @Disney is giving Mini Mouse, Daisy Duck and Goofy a SKINNY makeover so they can wear trendy clothing? Image issues from birth."

‏ @Kharisma06: "Okay, I am so NOT feeling this "Skinny Disney". The message that it's sending our kids is detrimental to their health."

@WonderlandNerds: "I've been happy to see Disney working to reduce junk food on tv and in the parks, but I'm disappointed to see this."

@1217__Lizi: "This is not okay. making the disney characters thinner for fashion."

@HausmanC: "That's... creepy."

@MarniKHayes: "Why so skinny, Minnie? Why can't Barney showcase real mouse-ladies' bodies?"

@JN_CL: "I can't decide whether to throw up, or throw something at the screen."

@braelynn_d_2: "WTF?! The campaign doesn't even make sense. Disney characters should not be modeling high fashion..."

@BizarreLA: "Disney characters given the anorexic supermodel treatment. Don't think Uncle Walt would approve."

‏ @LuxeColore: "They put Minnie Mouse on a diet???? Even cartoons aren't exempt of our skinny issues. Lol."

@kazz087: "@barneys Disney char. makeover, thin skinny & tall, like starved crackheads in designer digs are you trying to tell my kid shes not pretty."

‏ @onemomsworld: "I am so appalled by the new @Disney icons. I really hope Disney doesn't move forward. A company I love so much :(."

@Gabrielle_Faust: "Doth must protest! This is disgusting... Really? Must we turn Disney characters into runway models????"

@ProfeJMarie: "This is awful. Shame on you, @Disney , for signing off on this & @BarneysNY for the whole campaign."

@sbz: "i am not okay with the (literal) skinny minnie in the disney for barneys campaign. that mouse needs a cookie."

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