McDonald's Big Mac Death Hoax 2015: Fast Food Chain NOT 'Killing' High-Calorie Burger & Apple Pie Despite Twitter #RIP Mayhem

By Danica Bellini, Mstars Associate Editor | Dec 23, 2014 12:04 PM EST
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Well, this is an interesting death hoax...

Rumors are currently going viral online that the popular chain restaurant McDonald's is eliminating two big-name meals from the infamous fast food menu - the Big Mac and tasty Apple Pie.

But no worries, munchie enthusiasts - such greasy, "disheartening" news is NOT true!

The bogus announcement was initially posted on the SATIRICAL website, DailyBuzzLive. Apparently, McDonald's ultimately decided to remove several high-calorie and large-sized options from the menu, considering the chain's current "financial distress."

However, the unconfirmed report is so ridiculous, making such gossip actually humorous. DailyBuzzLive claims:

"Currently, the Big Mac has a whopping 550 calories and 29g of fat. The Apple pie contains 250 cal, and it would take a full 69 minute to walk that off! With that being said, those two menu items were not a tough decision for elimination."

The corporation's latest idea?

"McDonald's is currently testing out a new version of their slim down menu in Delaware, Little Rock, Waco, Bakersfield, Macon and Knoxville. They plan a full nationwide rollout beginning February 1, 2015."


This FAKE Twitter screenshot also went along with the seedy article:

Some avid eaters initially freaked-out online:

@amandagettgen: "Guys, you don't understand. THIS IS A TRAVESTY. I am devastated. #RIPBigMac."

@cr8tiveCandy: "Wait, so #RIPBigMac is real? Wtf? Shrink the menu, sure, but eliminate the best known product? What kind of marketing is that?"

@ianmcc: "I used to eat Big Macs in the 70's in styrofoam containers. Back when no one gave a crap about the earth or transfats #RIPBigMac."

@Schaubroeck: "If you want a read to get you in some Grinchy cheer, check out the drama amd tears over at #RIPBigMac. It's a burger, not a religion! Yeesh."

@brianlabelle: "Well that was fun while it lasted. #RIPBigMac."


FYI, the site's disclaimer states that it's a satirical news source, like The Onion.

Check McDonald's Twitter for more updates. As of December 20...

@McDonalds: "Go for a Big Mac or the chance at a big win at"

Big Mac's still cookin'!

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