Charlie Day Sucks At High-Fiving, Is 'Fatso' In Russia, Talks Red Sox Legend Wade Boggs Drinking 107 Beers & 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Season 10

By Jacques Van Der Haar | Jan 13, 2015 01:13 PM EST
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Charlie Day has revealed that Boston Red Sox legend Wade Boggs told him he once drank 107 beers in one of his infamous bouts of boozing during his playing career. Taking to The Tonight Show ahead of the season 10 premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie also told host Jimmy Fallon that in the Russian version of Philly, his character's name translates to Fatso. The two also engage in a game of 'Five Second Summaries', where they summarize the plots of movies like Guardians of the Galaxy in less than five seconds... before Charlie displays his stunning ineptness at high-fiving!  

Charlie spoke to Fallon about the Russian version of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, saying that "What really got me was the translation of the character's names: so the Dennis character was changed to something like Igor, and Mack was like Vladimir. And my character? Simply translated to 'Fatso'."

"I took that very personally Russia," laughed Charlie.

Watch the rest of the clip below:

The two also engaged in a friendly bout of Five Second Summaries, delivering summaries of movies such as "Fox, tree and outer space," (Guardians of the Galaxy), "White big puffy white robot," (Big Hero Six), "Dead guy in a wheelchair" (Weekend At Bernie's) and "Puppet liar" for Pinocchio.

The segment also feature probably the most awkward high-five on late night TV ever. Check it out.

But the highlight of the interview was Day talking about Wade Boggs, who appears in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's premiere. As Charlie points out, not was Boggs "famous for baseball, he was also famous for the amount of beer he could drink."

He goes on to say, "Supposedly when they had these cross country flights, he would drink on average, 40 to 50 some say 70 beers. There was like a layover somewhere in North Dakota. So our characters are trying to break that record in that episode."

"And," he adds "then see if we can go hit a baseball the next day. Because not only would he drink 70 beers, he would go three for four the next day."

But the legends "was great," reveals Charlie, "Although I'm pretty sure he was drinking actual beer when we were filming; we all had prop beer and then i noticed at one point, 'he's drinking now.' I mean... he's an alcoholic! No. But highly functioning. No."

The bombshell, however, came when Charlie explains that Boggs pulled him aside while they were on set filing, and "He told me the actual number; he pulled me aside and told 'Charlie, really, it was 107'. How's that possible!?" laughs Charlie. As USA Today explain, it's not... Unless Wade Boggs is a mutant."

Check out what else Charlie says and an exclusive look at the Wade Boggs scene from the premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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