Tom Brady's 4 Super Bowl Rings 'Tainted' San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys Legend Says: Patriots Quarterback Cheated, Challenged Game's Integrity with Deflate-Gate

By Jaymz Clements ( | Feb 05, 2015 04:00 PM EST
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On Sunday Tom Brady tied Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl rings. The only man to own five is Charles Haley. And rampant third-person referrer Charles Haley says that Charles Haley believes Tom Brady is a cheater. NFL Hall of Famer, former San Francisco 49er and Dallas Cowboy defensive end Haley has taken aim at Brady and the New England Patriots with a bevy of ill-founded accusations and saying that Brady's four Super Bowl rings are "tainted" because he's a "cheat."

The not-quite impartial Haley -- who won two of his five rings alongside with San Francisco 49ers legend Montana -- is a 2015 NFL Hall of Fame inductee, and clearly more than happy to confuse 'cheating' with 'unproven allegations.'

Hell. Even ESPN'Skip Bayless has called him out.

As The Score report, speaking with the Talk of Fame Network "Joe didn't have to cheat," Haley said. "I've lost all respect [for Brady]. When your integrity is challenged in the game of football, to me, all his Super Bowls are tainted."

Blatantly spouting unproven allegations, Haley continued, saying "You have to say this just didn't happen overnight. Who wants that shadow over them? I could be wrong. But I realize there were 12 balls deflated and 12 ain't. Then you've got [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick coming on three different times trying to explain it. ... You know something is wrong."

What's wrong, as it turns out, are Haley and his figures.

As Sports Illustrated explain, only one (1) of the Patriots twelve (12) balls has reportedly been found be deflated to an extent of more than 2 psi. "Several" were slightly under-inflated by a single psi, and "several more" were at or a minuscule amount below the mandated mark.

"This is what Charles Haley believes," added Haley, bizarrely referring to himself in the third person. It's going to come back to haunt him one day."

Unfortunately, no one is sure - as he was referring to himself earlier in his sentence - whether he means nonsense spouter Charles Haley, or Tom Brady.

"If the league doesn't come down on this guy...," he added, leaving some sort of empty threat of sanctions unsaid, and again confusing rampant media speculation and proven-to-be-wrong information with fact. "Everybody is talking about it. Nobody believes it was by accident. It is what it is."

"I'm not going to take any of his Super Bowl rings away from him," Haley continued, again not making it clear if it was he, Charles Haley, or Tom Brady due to the unfortunate third-person referral. "But it's sad that it has to be tainted like it is right now. Hopefully they'll come out and let us know what really happened. Then all the mystery is gone."

It certainly sounds like Haley ought to chat to the NFL's official investigators -- or, y'know, at least wait for their findings -- before laying about himself with ill-thought out, wrong, arguments.

Perhaps Haley believes the way Brady and the Patriots played on Sunday, coming down from 10 points in the fourth quarter to beat the Seattle Seahawks and their historically great NFL defenses... with a collection of 100% NFL sanctioned balls. Not sure how that taints four rings.

Have a listen to the chat with Haley below.

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