HBO ‘Girls’ Season 4 Episode Five 'Sit In' Recap & SPOILERS: The 7 Best Moments From This Week's Shocking Show [PHOTOS]

By Jaymz Clements ( | Feb 15, 2015 09:40 PM EST
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Welcome to our recap of HBO's Girls Season 4 Episode 5 "Sit In." Come join us under the covers. With Hannah (Lena Dunham) returning to NYC having run away from Iowa, we found her confronted by the mysterious Mimi Rose (Gillian Jacobs) living in Hannah's apartment... with Hannah's boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver). In "Sit In" a distraught Hannah is visited by a parade of her closest friends and wannabe-helpers, while Adam is, well, Adam. So, without further ado, here are the best seven moments from a great episode. 

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Adam: "This must be fucking weird, but if I had've known you were coming home..." 

Hannah: "What, you wouldn't have had a girlfriend?" 

Adam: "No, I would've warned you." 


The beginning of "Sit In" rejoins Hannah confronting Adam and his new houseguest, Mimi Rose, Adam's new live-in paramour. 

Because it was Hannah who left, Adam insists, he didn't break any rules by finding someone else, and while Hannah agrees, she points out one important aspect: common human decency. 

This new mystery woman also prompts Hannah to yell, aghast, "That's not a name!' when told of Mimi Rose Howard's name. "That's a woman's name and man's name with a flower stuck in the middle of that it. 

Adam, "Mr Rockefeller" and  "the last of the red hot lovers" - spits a venomous Hannah - has also placed all of Hannah's stuff in a storage locker in Fort Greene. 

Hannah's sit in begins as she shuts herself in her room and won't leave. Awkward much?

(Photo : HBO)

Shoshanna: "We need to find out every possible detail about this rando hussy immediately. What's her name again? 

Hannah: "Mimi Rose Howard." 

Shoshanna: "Ewww. Of course it is." 

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) arrives, immediately offering tea and support, and they find out that Adam and Mimi Rose have knocked down the wall between Hannah's old bedroom and Adam's workshop something, complains Hannah, they planned on doing forever.   

After comforting words, they discover, however, that Mimi Rose is a well-known artist, Hannah becomes obsessed with knowing what she can about her. Unfortunately, she kicks Shoshanna out... literally. With a couple of "boob hits" with her foot.

(Photo : HBO)

Hannah: "Fuck! You just hit me!

Jessa: "Yeah. You hit me!"

Hannah: "You're a fuckin' bitch." 

Jessa: "You have officially gone psycho."

Jessa (Jemima Kirke) swings by to cheer Hannah up, but, as it turns out, it was Jessa who introduced "MRH" to Adam... and kept their relationship from Hannah. 

Jessa delivers a cold dose of reality, pointing out that it was Hannah, after all, who left Adam to move to Iowa "for two years."

They exchange slaps, and that's that. Hannah has reverted to a "pre-verbal level," Jessa tells Adam as she leaves.  

(Photo : HBO)

Caroline: "You know Adam. He has such a big heart. But he's really at his best when he's nurturing the poor, the lost, the profoundly damaged. Which is why you were so perfect for him." 

Adam's sister, the very heavily pregnant Caroline (Gaby Hoffman), and her partner, downstairs Laird (Jon Glaser), welcome Hannah with yet another cup of tea, and engulf her in a non-sexual (though "if you need that...") hug after Caroline explains why Hannah was so good for Adam. 

The entire scene is a highlight, especially Laird and his "There's nothing sexual about this because I'm about to become a father," hugging, or complaining about getting tea rather than  lotioning the feet of the mother of his baby.   

(Photo : HBO)

Hannah: "This whole thing feels like a puzzle, with no possible solution. Like a Rubik's cube." 

Ray: "Those actually do have solutions" 

Hannah: "Yeah, if you take all the stickers off and re-stick them." 

Ray (Alex Karpovsky) cooks Hannah breakfast and, in the process, unloads on her about his traffic/noise pollution problem, complaining about how the "malignant and ethically bankrupt logic" people operate under, and how they be "so fucked up and they lie, and they obfuscate."

Of course Hannah burns her hand cooking the bacon and Ray - caught up in his own shit - tells her to "put some ice on it." Eventually, he wraps it and puts it into a leather work glove ("This is what we sued to do in the boy scouts"), delivering gems such as "I'm 34. And someday you guys will be too, believe it or not. What can I say? It's awful," and "You do not deserve this."   

(Photo : HBO)

Marnie: "Sometimes when Desi and I are woodshedding we go on a cell phone diet."

If you needed any more proof that Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is the world's biggest douchebag, there it is. Marnie (Allison Williams) eventually arrives to support Hannah just as Hannah is discovering, from watching more of Mimi Rose's online oeuvre no less, that perhaps her romantic pursuits were holding back her creativity. Mimi Rose's opportunities to be creative were being "sliced in half" by her relationships, and Hannah is realizing the same thing - that her "ups and downs have been contracts of romantic discord" - might be happening to her. 

As Hannah takes not one of her more "convincing fake showers," Marnie explains that she loves Hannah and wants her to be happy... which is why she believes Hannah needs to let Adam go. 

She also expresses her doubt whether Hannah truly believed she and Adam were a 'forever couple' or a 'great artistic love story'. 

As Marnie points out, Hannah now has her answer. 

(Photo : HBO)

Adam: "Fuckin' Ray. Guy fancies himself some sort of renaissance man, but he doesn't know jack shit about fuck." 

The final scene between Adam and Hannah is a heartbreaker, and one of the most realistic breakup scenes TV can boast. It's all down to the simple fact that regret and mistakes exist and that two people can have something that was good eventually turn bad and simply not work, no matter if, or how, they try to fix it. 

Adam admits that he was relieved when Hannah went away, and points out that they'd tried things "all different kids of ways," and he doesn't "know any other ways." 

His explaining that, while Mimi Rose happened really fast, he needs to see where it's going to go, and Hannah asking whether he loves her is some of the finest TV you'll watch.  

(Photo : HBO)

As they part, with Adam saying "Thanks for stopping by, kid" and Hannah responding "Thank you for stopping by... but maybe don't call me kid any more?" is amazing. 

So is Hannah heading to her storage locker and finding all of her stuff. 

(Photo : HBO)

Just. Brutal.

The next Girls will air on HBO Feb. 22 at 9 p.m.

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