Mitt Romney's Flag Pin Debate 2012: Blob, Illuminati Seeing Eye Debunked

By Mereb Gebremariam, Mstars Reporter | Oct 04, 2012 12:25 PM EDT
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Mitt Romney's bigger flag pin with a blob has finally been explained. A lot of people were easily distracted while watching the presidential debate- and no, it wasn't because of the actual debate or what color tie the candidates wore, but the flag pin over their precious heart. Thus, the beginning of the "Flag Pin War" had begun.

Romney decided to strike the first blow with a large flag pin on his form fitting blazer which was twice the size of Obama's. Immediately, people went to twitter to target the subject that slowly became a trending topic. Arianna Huffington tweeted, "Romney's American flag lapel pin bigger than Obama's."

Shortly after that tweet, Anthony De Rosa of Reuters tweeted, "Romney's got a bigger flag pin, Game Over." Things began to get comical as another viewer joined into the conversation adding, "Romney's flag pin is 47% bigger than Obama's. #debate" 

After analyzing the huge flag pin, people started to notice a blob in the middle of it and started to make their own assumptions. Some people went as far and assumed that Romney was challenging a secret society for support and placed an "Illuminati Pyramid and All Seeing Eye" on the American flag. That would have been a good guess, but the Associated Press tweeted, "Romney's lapel pin has the Secret Service logo - a star - on it. The Secret Service agents who protect him gave it to him. #Election2012." This later was confirmed by Romney's personal aid, D.G. Jackson.

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