Monday Night Raw Results 3/9/15: WWE Raw Recap March 9, 2015: Brock Lesnar Returns, Randy Orton Strikes, Undertaker Answers Bray Wyatt

By Andrew Meola | Mar 09, 2015 11:24 PM EDT
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The March 9, 2015 edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw emanates live from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh and begins with Randy Orton, who has a new TitanTron video.

The Authority, minus Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, is in the ring. Kane says he wanted to welcome back Orton publicly, and Big Show calls him the most talented and sadistic Superstar he has ever known.

Jamie Noble welcomes Orton back but then bad mouths him. Seth Rollins interjects and says Orton is a valued member of the team. Rollins then addresses the claims that Orton is not a true Authority member and that he will one day attack Rollins. Mr. Money in the Bank insults Pittsburgh and says he and Orton are a unit and the Authority is a family. He shakes hands with Orton and tells the crowd to applaud him.

Orton takes the mic and says he wonders what happened to The Authority and its ruthlessness. He says Rollins is blinded by his ego and he'll eventually put him down because "the future of the WWE" has no future. They stare each other down but Orton says he was just kidding. Rollins says he will take out Roman Reigns later tonight, and a photo op ends the segment.

Daniel Bryan defeats Bad News Barrett with R-Truth on commentary. Bryan takes out BNB with the running knee. Bryan celebrates but Barrett drops him with a Bullhammer. Dean Ambrose then emerges and clotheslines Barrett.

Ambrose defeats Stardust, who still has the Intercontinental Championship Belt from SmackDown. R-Truth is still on commentary. Ambrose drops Stardust with Dirty Deeds.

After the bell, Ambrose tries to take the title, but Barrett cuts him off. Bryan then attacks Barrett and eventually BNB, Bryan, Ambrose, Stardust, R-Truth, and Luke Harper all start to brawl. Barrett emerges from the pile and takes his belt back from R-Truth. But unbeknownst to him, Truth had swapped out the title for a fake and still has the real belt.

Connor Michalek, the young boy who passed away and who was a part of Daniel Bryan's journey to WrestleMania 30, is announced for the WWE Hall of Fame as the first recipient of the Warrior Award.

Paul Heyman is in the ring and shows a Roman Reigns hype video for WrestleMania 31. Heyman is not impressed and introduces his response: Brock Lesnar. He says Reigns is a savage from a savage family who cannot take out Brock Lesnar.

He says The Authority will not take the title from Lesnar either, and anyone who tries to perform another Montreal Screwjob would not leave WrestleMania 31 alive. Heyman says Reigns will take a brutal beating in three weeks to the point that fans might actually respect him.

Heyman's mic cuts out, and he loses it. He says the WWE World Heavyweight Championship does not belong to the WWE anymore because it belongs to Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt addresses Undertaker, and he has the Deadman's urn now.

Ryback and Erick Rowan defeat Kane and Big Show. The heels argue until Stephanie McMahon kicks them out of the arena for the night.

The Miz talks to Wiz Khalifa and promotes himself. Khalifa says he already has a partner in Damien Wizdow, who announces that he is in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31.

Another Sheamus promo airs to hype his return.

Wiz Khalifa performs.

The Bella Twins watch the new WWE and Flintstones movie. Byron Saxton interviews them and they drop some insults on the Divas.

AJ Lee defeats Summer Rae with the Black Widow. Eva Marie and Cameron were ringside.

A promo video airs to hype the match between Triple H and Sting, and the video explains why Sting is after The Game. He says Hunter's desire for power has corrupted him, and Sting wants to set it right. He says he was loyal to WCW until the end, but Triple H is only loyal to himself.

Rusev is walking backstage when John Cena approaches him and asks again for a United States Championship rematch at WrestleMania 31. He says he'll show Rusev what a real American is if he keeps bad-mouthing the country.

Rusev attacks Curtis Axel before their match and quickly squashes him. Lana tries to stop him from talking, but Rusev takes a mic and starts to insult Americans. Cena comes out and attacks Rusev. He locks him in the STF, which causes him to pass out. But Cena isn't done, and he pours some water on Rusev to wake him up before he locks in the STF again. Rusev taps, and Lana gets on the mic and yells at Cena to stop. She promises a title match at Mania if he releases Rusev, and Cena obliges.

Wyatt cuts another promo on Taker.

A trainer checks on Rusev backstage. He and Lana argue in Russian until he dismisses her.

The New Day defeats Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

The Usos and Naomi come out, and Naomi wins the match with a roll up off a distraction after Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, and The Usos start to brawl. Nattie argues with Cesaro and Kidd as they leave.

Los Matadores come out, and they defeat The Usos when one of them gets shoved into El Torito, which causes a distraction that leads to a roll up pin.

Bray Wyatt is in the ring and he cuts a lengthy promo on Undertaker that talks about the end of the Streak and the challenge for a match at WrestleMania 31. He has the urn in the middle of the ring and asks if it can bring back the dead. He opens it and stares into it, but then laughs because the urn is empty.

Rollins is backstage with J&J Security, who try to caution him about Orton. Rollins says Orton would not tip his hand by revealing his true plan in public like that. He says The Authority is one unit and tonight they need to focus on taking out Roman Reigns.

He starts to mock Taker some more until smoke comes out of the urn. The familiar purple lightning fills the arena and the gong sounds. A spotlight shines in the ring, and the urn is gone, replaced with Bray's rocking chair. A message appears on the TitanTron with the WrestleMania 31 logo that says "The Man Comes Around." A recording of Undertaker's voice says "You will rest in peace." Lightning strikes the chair and it catches fire. Bray laughs maniacally in the corner. The match is on at WrestleMania 31.

Roman Reigns defeats Seth Rollins and Randy Orton in a 2-on-1 handicap match with a spear to Rollins after Orton backs away from an attempted tag by Rollins. After the bell, Orton tells Rollins that this is the moment for which he's been waiting. He says he hasn't let go of what happened and says he'd never rejoin The Authority after what Rollins did to him months ago.

Orton proceeds to beat Rollins all around the ringside area. He tosses him into the steel steps, wallops him with a chair, beats him through the crowd, and delivers the hanging DDT from the barricade. He tosses Rollins over the announce table and then tears it apart. He lifts a beaten Rollins onto the table and delivers an RKO through it. Trainer check on a prone Rollins as Orton stalks around the ring as the show goes off the air.

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