'Pretty Little Liars' Recap Episode 25: "Welcome to the Dollhouse," Who Is Big A? 6 Best Quotes from Tonight's Show

By Mitch Thorpe, Mstars News writer | Mar 24, 2015 10:30 PM EDT
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The night we have been waiting for is finally here! We are finally going to know who or what Big A is on Pretty Little Liars ... at least, we think we're going to. Who knows, there might be a roundabout reveal like there has been in the past few seasons. However, with the girls all locked up in prison it seems that the stakes are quite a bit higher this time around.

When we found out that the girls were all charged as accessories to Mona's murder last week, and thrown in jail, we were more than shocked.

During this episode, as they are being transported from the police station to jail, the girls' van gets hijacked by A and they are brought to his/her own personal dollhouse, hence the title of the episode, "Welcome to the Dollhouse."

Could this be a clue from Marlene for Tuesday's #BigAReveal!? http://instagram.com/p/0eqc1zFHqn/

Posted by Pretty Little Liars on Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here the girls are all treated to some pretty nice digs, as the dollhouse is decorated with replicas of all the liars' exact bedrooms from their houses. Damn, A must have some serious money to pull that off. While trying to get out of the windows in their rooms the girls realize that there is no escape, as they have all been cemented in.

While the liars are trapped in this little cement dollhouse playing by A's rules, Spencer's parents have wised up and started to ask questions that people should have been asking since that first A text was ever received back in season one. However, it seems that Spencer's parents are the only ones that know about what is happening with the girls, as the police haven't included anyone else's parents.

The Hastings even visit Alison in prison to get her side of the story. Ali reveals to them who is the puppet master behind all this ... Big A. It seems that the parents finally believe her, as she tells them she is finally coming clean because she is stuck in jail and has nothing left to lose.

In the dollhouse, the girls are all reunited and stumble upon a girl dressed as Alison playing the piano — turns out it is Mona returned from the dead. Mona tells the girls she is Ali but it is all to appease A, who is watching their every move through the cameras he has set up.

The only time that the girls get to plan their escape from the playhouse is during the three minutes at night when the generators run out.

For A's viewing pleasure the girl are to work together and throw a prom, however, what A doesn't know is that the liars are using this time to device an escape plan. However, when they set the trap to escape it doesn't seem that they have anywhere to go, as when they get above ground they are encased in a square that is electrified by a 10,000 watt fence.

While we were promised, PROMISED a huge A reveal during this episode, the only thing that we get is that the hooded villain's name is Charles, or at least that is what they like to call themselves.

Now we have to wait until June to figure out what happens next with these girls.

Like every Pretty Little Liars episode, this one had some pretty great one-liners, so we are breaking down our favorite quotes from the episode.

"An accessory is a necklace or a handbag, not a chain gang." — Aria says to Spencer while being transported to prison.

"A wolf can't lead without her pack" — Spencer

"They can take everything away from us, but they can't take us from each other." — Spencer to the other girls

"Please follow the lighted pathway ... we heard you, b*tch" — Hanna to 'A'

"It's her hair" — Emily mouths to Spencer while tugging on Mona's hair

"I didn't think you were wearing that to make a fashion statement." — Mona to the liars in their orange jumpsuits.

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