Ludacris' Fans Bully the Rapper and Wife Eudoxie During 'Furious 7' Premiere [DETAILS]

By Star Connor ( | Apr 02, 2015 05:11 PM EDT
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Why are so many people hating on Ludacris' shotgun wedding? In the photo below the actor and rapper posed alongside his wife, Eudoxie, as fans of slammed the couple who got engaged and married on the same day.

Outraged Instagram users are apparently upset that the rapper decided to get married to Eudoxie in the middle of his custody battle with Tamika Fuller.

To add more flame to the fire, his wife is now pregnant with the rapper's third child. In the snapshot below, some people claim that Luda rushed his nuptials to gain custody of his daughter, Cai Bella, so that he wouldn't have to pay a huge chunk in child support.

 #Ludacris and #Eudoxie looking like beautiful future mother at the Furious 7 premiere in Hollywood!

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on Apr 2, 2015 at 9:39am PDT

ebonyyvette "People are so mad that he takes pics with his pregnant WIFE! Why cant eudoxie flaunt her pregnancy like any other women? Oh because there was an issue with Luda and his previous child's mother. He didn't marry her just because she was pregnant because if that was the case he would've married the other 2. Let them be happy and if you can't be happy, scroll to the next picture."

luvleelastar @perfectlyjaja "these ppl are so mad that he got his wife pregnant & that he has custody of his other child lmfao. Girl they equate him not posting a pic of the baby with him not really wanting her."

bbygurlblu "my thing is how "unfit" could she really be if he had sex with her RAW?!? if she's unfit wtf does that make him?! the baby was fed and clothed and looked very much so provided for and happy from the pics she shared of her on her instagram. it comes down to the fact he didnt want to pay (literally) for his decision to have unprotected sex outside of his relationship. but what he doesnt know is that the baby will grow up & resent him for taking him away from her mother. they should have got 50/50 custody because what child doesnt need their biological mother?!? he's an animal for what he did."

 stylist_pr_yigga "@iliv4tondy me too!!!! She preggo,they raced marriage,he been working on a new album n film, yet he had time for full custody....... so NO PAPARAZZI is gone get a pic of him with the baby??? Does he even have her??? Wtf is really good with this situation... nooooooo interviewer discusses it nor has any paparazzi or blogger got a pic. Yet everybody keep showing preggo.... naw baby. Blu Ivy n Norie gets more negative attention than luda and they babies. Something ain't right."

terryakanaomi "So Ludacris felt she was a unfit b/c she wanted more child support... Smh! She wasn't so unfit when he was sleeping w/ her. Taking a child from their mother is terrible."

 michelleyahurd "I bet you they mistreat his child he ripped from the baby moma! So what if she abandoned the first child. He didn't want the child that mother should have been giving a second chance.. karma is going to come back on him worst"

But some folks see it the other way and are proud of the rapper for raising his daughter's and slammed Fuller for giving up a previous child before a judge found something in her case wrong asking her to hand over Cai to Ludacris.

iliv4tondy "Question..did this nicca know about all this "trife" behavior from his BM when he was dropping his seeds in her or is this just a convenient ploy to avoid paying child support? He's made all effort to avoid paying CS from denying the child to lying about his income so wtf makes people believe that this man fought for custody out of love?? If that's the case he should've fought for the babt straight out of the respect for this BAN"

biglipbettyy "But if the mother had full custody would you all be saying she needs to give him the baby. Apparently somewhere down the line she is unfit, he wouldn't be granted full custody just because of his money, it could be a past history of something else in her life we don't know these people. Anyway congrats to them"

_chevybaby "So we just gon ignore the fact that the other bm gave away her first child, thought $7000 a month in child support was not enough to care for a baby and fought for more, and just got a full time job only because Luda won custody? Ohhhhhh okay"

MStars News previously reported that Luda claimed his marriage to Eudoxie had nothing to do with his custody issues with Fuller or anything else. The rapper said: "I got married for all the right reasons," Luda said. "Because this is my best friend. Because we wanted to make the union with God. It has absolutely nothing to do with a child custody case, period."

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