'BlacktipH Fishing' Joshua Jorgensen [EXCLUSIVE]: YouTube Series Star Teases New Episode “Blacktip Sharks on Lures”

By Kyle Dowling (kyle.dowling@mstarsnews.com) | Apr 08, 2015 01:13 PM EDT
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Remember the days when your father or grandfather would invite you out onto the lake and you'd sit for hours just waiting for that fish to grab the line? When it did you were both so excited and in awe – largely due to the fact that it was actually happening! Well, that's exactly the opposite of what Joshua Jorgensen's BlacktipH Fishing is. Mastering the art of "extreme fishing," the 25-year-old fisherman from Canada – who now resides and does most of his work and play in Florida – prides himself on being an expert in pushing the limit, while pulling the line, in order to nab and release a fish. And thankfully because of YouTube, we're all in for the ride...

"I like to be in a situation where I'm really tested to see if I can actually catch a fish," he tells MStars News. And given the near 100,000 YouTube subscribers his BlacktipH Fishing web series has – not to mention the over 52 million views – it looks like viewers can't get enough of Jorgensen's extreme videos either.

And by the way, he doesn't fish for your everyday bass. He fishes, in fact, for something a little bit bigger –– sharks.

Yep, sharks...

BlacktipH Fishing is the world's most subscribed online fishing show, portraying videos of Jorgensen and his crew "fishing, whether it's from shore or a boat, in a way that is very unusual to the general audience," he says. "Extreme fishing is taking [the normal definition of fishing] to the next level: catching a sailfish in a kayak or paddleboard or going and catching giant groupers with a hand line or rope; you're making it more challenging for yourself and putting yourself in a situation that makes it more challenging to catch that fish."

Battling the normal misconceptions of fishing – that it can often be mundane and, well, boring – Jorgensen admits that he aims to unveil the extreme and "exciting side of fishing."

In other words, this isn't your grandfather's fishing series...

It's extreme fishing's accompanying rush that he loves, the minute where you find yourself so engrossed in the moment – just you and the fish – and you suddenly realize that it's either you or them.

Strangely enough, BlacktipH Fishing holds an ability to make the viewer feel as if they are inside waiting for the fish to be reeled in alongside Jorgensen. Which is exactly what has made him perhaps the most famous, and likable, extreme fisherman around.

That, and filming some incredible footage many would find crazy...

The young BlacktipH star grew up freshwater fishing, eventually moving into saltwater fishing. He soon found himself involved in more hardcore fishing and came to the realization that he dreamt of catching "the big fish." Which is exactly when he moved onto sharks.

Funny enough, he's now looking for the bigger catch, the one that might even land him in the history books. Something larger and more challenging than Blacktip sharks.

"I can go out and catch a shark like nothing" he says, "but fishing in a situation where that shark is more difficult to catch is what makes it fun.

Known often as the "Blacktip Hunter," Jorgensen has managed to catch countless number of sharks in his days of extreme fishing. Whether he's reeling in a Blacktip or fighting with a Hammerhead, the hunter explains that no matter what he's doing, he's looking to somehow take it to the next level and make it exciting for not only himself, but also his viewers.

Because of this, Jorgensen and his crew at BlacktipH continuously seek out new opportunities and ways to make exciting fishing videos. The crew incessantly films, edits and uploads episodes of their series to YouTube, all of which show the young fisher's skills at catching a vast array of fish in a number of different, exciting ways.

WATCH: MStars News has an exclusive teaser of Jorgensen's upcoming BlacktipH Fishing episode "Blacktip Sharks on Lures" set to air on Tuesday, April 14. Check it out below:

Of course, as exciting and thrilling as extreme fishing is, the sport is not without close calls. Josh recalls a time he was almost dragged down by a shark:

"One time, I got dragged down near a bunch of rocks [on the beach] by a Blacktip shark and almost face-planted on the rocks. That was pretty nerve-wracking there."

He cites that example to be one of the worst mistakes anyone looking to extreme fish could make––fishing alone.

"Doing this kind of fishing is the same thing as going to the gym and powerlifting; you need a spotter. I would never do it [again] by myself. You're asking to get killed."

So, what's next for Jorgensen? What happens when you're one of the leading extreme fishing experts in the world? What happens when you've caught so many fish and are looking for that next rush?

"Well, I would love to go and catch large, very big sharks from a kayak. I want to catch the biggest fish ever caught on a kayak. I honestly believe that with the right kayak you could easily catch a 12 or 13ft great white shark if you know how to fish properly."

He further notes, with genuine excitement in his voice, "How cool a video would that be if you caught a great white in a kayak?!"

And despite the fact that a fish that big could tow you for miles, wear you out, take your energy and stick you in the current – thus making it near impossible to get back to the shore on your own – Jorgensen is 100% up for the challenge.

All of which he chalks up to one grand statement: "It's the thrill of catching the big fish."

Be sure to check out BlacktipH Fishing on YouTube this coming Tuesday, April 14, to see the newest episode – "Blacktip Sharks on Lures."

Find more from Josh and BlacktipH Fishing on YouTube.

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