5 Ways David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson's Mulder & Scully In 'The X-Files' Revival Rules!

By Jorge Solis (j.solis@mstarsnews.com) | May 03, 2015 11:00 AM EDT
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Back by popular demand, the iconic Fox sci-fi/horror is returning to Fox in a limited run. Audiences are anxious to see the return of paranormal investigators Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in the highly anticipated revival of The X-Files.

As we previously mentioned, 13 years have passed since FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were on the TV screen solving weird and supernatural cases. The reboot of Fox's popular sci-fi series continues with 6 brand new episodes. Not only are the leads set to reprise their iconic roles, creator Chris Carter will takeover as showrunner for the franchise that launched his and many other careers.

We can name 5 ways The X-Files still rules and why the revival excites us:

5) The Chemistry

Say what you will about but the chemistry between Anderson and Duchovny was never lacking as each season passed by. Even in Fight The Future and I Want To Believe, the on-screen charisma still holds strong as if they're never been away. Whether it's the dramatic or comedic moments, the pair can still land the delivery of their lines.

4) Guess Who's Back!

On his Twitter account, the Shocker actor tweeted, "Very happy to announce that Walter Skinner will once again be getting all grumpy and bitchy with his two wayward kids. Very happy."

Even better, according to TV Line, the Black Christmas remake director Glen Morgan and the Final Destination director James Wong have signed on. Remember the scary episode of Ice, they're the guys responsible!

3) Will It Follow The Comic Books?

As we previously mentioned, IDW Publishing is killing it with their comic book adaptations of The X-Files: Season 10, the upcoming The X-Files: Season 11, and Millennium.

In our MStars Interview, Harris discussed Carter's involvement with The X-Files: Season 10, "So IDW loved what I came up with. Fox loved what I came up with. And then, it came to the attention of Chris Carter that IDW was going to a book. And he expressed interest in being involved and he became our executive producer. [Carter] has been really fusive and complimentary of the way we have taken the property and these characters."

It will be interesting to see what direction Carter takes in the upcoming 6 episodes.

2) Every Episode Counts

Because there will only be 6 episodes, there won't be filler episodes. Because AMC's Better Call Saul was 12 episodes and Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix was 13, less is actually better. Would you want more monster-of-the-week standalone than mythology episodes? Remember in the ninth season finale, the alien invasion is supposed to happen. We need answers man!

1) The Music

Composer Mark Snow came up with memorable theme to The X-Files and wrote the music for practical every episode. This was one guy who came up with the theme on his keyboard. Then he was commanding an orchestra in Fight The Future. This is going to be helluva soundtrack if he returns. If he doesn't, composer John Debney did an awesome job on the Amazon pilot for Carter's The After.

Production of The X-Files 6 episode run is scheduled to start this summer.

Readers, are you excited to see Mulder and Scully back?

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