5 Thoughts On Jason Isaacs, Alison Sudol, Anne Heche On USA's DIG Episode 1-10!

By Jorge Solis (j.solis@mstarsnews.com) | May 10, 2015 03:00 PM EDT
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From Tim Kring (Heroes) and Gideon Raff (Homeland), the season finale of DIG aired on USA Network. In Episode 1-10, FBI agent Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs), detective Golan Cohen (Ori Pfeffer) and Lynn Monahan (Anne Heche) were all part of the mystery behind Emma Wilson (Alison Sudol).

As we previously mentioned, the mystery all started, agent Peter Connelly (Isaacs) found himself being setup when Emma (Sudol)'s seemingly dead body was discovered. While Peter became the number one suspect in the investigation, a young boy, Avram (Guy Selnik), was being manipulated to take a scared animal across the seas. Elsewhere, a doomsday cult was long children. All these stories converged as Peter Connelly raced against time to stop the upcoming apocalypse.

Check out our 5 thoughts on DIG episodes 1-10 here:

5) The Big Bad

Ian Margrove (Richard E. Grant) was just plain sleazy. You can't fool me, Ambassador Ruth Ridell (Regina Taylor) was just a henchmen. It was David Costabile who stole the show as the evil Pastor Tad Billingham. The Breaking Bad actor was on a whole other level, as if he relished playing the bad guy. Kudos to Zen McGrath for playing the creepy kid, Josh, and defining that moment when he killed Debbie in Sisters of Dinah.

4) The Majestic Sights

The intertwining subplots moved from an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem to a cult leader at his base in New Mexico. What I really liked about the show is that it didn't feel like I was looking at a production set, but something real on location. I'm glad the storyline wasn't set in New York, or Los Angles, and that it sent viewers somewhere different and far away.

Bonus: In our MStars interview, Isaacs described shooting on location,"I've been on location many times, I've been in many countries around the world in my life, but what I've never done is been somewhere like Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a place that has been maybe the most contested, controversial piece of real estate in the history of mankind. You can feel it when you're there. The stones have stories to tell. You can see the evidence of every civilization that's ever conquered it. You only need to look around you in the streets to see how all the world's great religions are packed into this tiny space, all of them seeking dominance. "

3) Why Golan Why?

Who else was starting to like detective Golan Cohen (Pfeffer)? Just when Golan was becoming the fan favorite, just when he figures it all out in Jehoshaphat, that's when he dies! What the hell man! Not only did he get run over, Emma stabbed him in the neck. (Ewww!) Still playing the good cop, Golan did a smart thing and wrote the same of his killer, with his own blood.

2) She Got Burned!

In the closing minutes of Armageddon Protocol, Peter had one last thing to do; arrest Golan's killer. Emma Wilson was really Rebecca Donaldson, who was seeking revenge for her father's murder. Pushing his feelings for her aside, Peter walked away as Rebecca was placed into custody. Interestingly, Sudol had to play the sweet love interest, the victim, and the "crazy b**ch" all in the same role.

1) Best Fight Scene Ever!

I really liked how the Harry Potter actor became an action hero as Peter Connelly in the DIG series. But you know what was my favorite action sequence? The one where Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) and Fay (Angela Bettis) fought in the bathroom In Meet The Rosenbergs. Very awesome to see Bettis and Ambrose go at it in a gritty all-out brawl, where Debbie knocks Fay's head with the sink.

Readers, what did you think of DIG?

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