Fox's 'Wayward Pines': Ep 1 'Where Paradise Is Home' Recap: Will Matt Dillon's Ethan Burke Escape?

By Jorge Solis ( | May 15, 2015 12:00 AM EDT
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Fox premieres their mysterious thriller Wayward Pines, from The Sixth Sense director, M. Night Shyamalan. In Where Is Home, will When FBI agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillion) manage to escape out of the seemingly innocent town, knowing the dark secrets they are hiding?

Covered in blood and bruises, Ethan wakes up in the woods. In a flashback, Ethan talks to a therapist about what happened with the bombings. Ethan screwed up and blames himself fort he catastrophe. In the present, Ethan stumbles into a cafe, finds out he is in Idaho, and passes out. 

Ethan wakes up and meets Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo). He remembers looking for Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino) when his car was hit by a truck. The other agent in the car didn't survive the crash. Elsewhere, at Secret Service headquarters, everyone is wondering about Ethan's whereabouts, especially his wife, Theresa Burke (Shannyn Sossamon). 

Theresa then gets the call about a car accident. Ethan puts his suit back on, walks across an empty hallway, and wanders around town. Theresa tries to keep herself calm as she tells her son the bad news. At a bar, Ethan meets Beverly (Juliette Lewis) and makes a call back home, leaving a message. 

Ethan reveals to beverly he's looking for a couple of agents gone missing. Beverly gives him her address and a secret message, "there are no crickets in Wayward Pines." Ethan does hear crickets but it's actually a recording. 

The address Beverly gave Ethan leads him to a creepy and dilapidated house. Inside the forgotten home, he discovers a dead body. Ethan meets Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard), who loves his rum raisin. They talk about the corpse and missing agent.

While the Secret Service agents are investigating the wrecked car, Ethan isn't able to speak with his people at headquarters. Ethan returns to the bar but no one named Beverly works there. After getting knocked out, Ethan remembers his son's birthday and tells his wife he has to leave for a few days. 

Waking up, he meets Dr. Jenkins (Toby Jones), who warns him about his delusional breakdown. Strapped to his bed, Jenkins wants to put him under and send him to surgery. Nurse Pam walks away after injecting his leg. 

Beverly suddenly shows up and pushes him into the elevator. They make a run for it but find themselves separated. With the sedative taking effect, Ethan uses his last ounce of strength to beat the crap out of Nurse Pam. 

Beverly drags Ethan out into the rain, back to the dilapidated house. She came to Wayward Pines to avoid Y2K but she doesn't know it's actually 2014. Theresa doesn't understand where her husband, but thinks he's with another woman. 

Wandering around, he finally finds Kate. The former partners kissed in a flashback. He follows her to the Balinger house and knocks at the door. Harold Balinger (Reed Diamond) opens the door, but she has to pretend to be someone else.

The two are being watched and listened to. Kate warns Ethan he is putting her life in danger. He asks Kate if he's having a relapse again, but she doesn't answer.

Ethan breaks into a car, drives away, and realizes he's been driving around in a circle. Dr. Jenkins meets up with the Secret Service agent, telling him he has nothing to worry about. Theresa checks her cell and notices she hasn't received any messages.

Ethan ends up at a heavily fortified fence, which has trapped him inside Wayward Pines. 

Readers, what did you think of Where Paradise Is Home?

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