Javon Belcher, Girlfriend Kasandra M. Perkins Dead: With Mistress Before Murder Suicide, Kills And Kisses Girlfriend, Concussions Are Factored In [NEW UPDATE]

By Mereb Gebremariam, Mstars Reporter | Dec 04, 2012 01:36 PM EST
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Monday, the family Belcher and Perkins spoke out in a released statement in the mist of the release of the 911 call. Tuesday, more of the story unfolded to the murder suicide, when news of Belcher's date with another woman occurred hours before he murder the mother of his child. Also, after firing several shots into his girlfriend he kissed her on her forehead and apologized.

It is still unknown why Kansas City Chief's linebacker, Javon Belcher killed his girlfriend and himself, leaving his 3-month-old baby girl without any parents. Although, a memorial wasn't held on Sunday's game for the NFL athlete but there was a moment of silence for domestic violence victims. Allegedly, the couple had gotten into an argument after Belcher's girlfriend, Kasandra M. Perkins came home late after a Trey Songz concert. Belcher's mother, Cheryl Shepherd was there helping around the house after the birth of her granddaughter when she witnessed her son shoot Perkins. According to the New York Post, Shepherd called 911 as he fled the scene and went to the parking lot of the teams stadium where he shot himself in front of his coach and the general manager.

In a statement Perkins also known as Kassi to her family said, "At this time, we request the media respect our privacy during this difficult time as we grieve for our loved one. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers as well as the Belcher family for two lives were loss. Again we thank you for your support, our wish is for Kasi to be remembered for the love she shared with us all. Kasi will be truly missed!"

During the a press conference in front of the Belcher's home where Perkins was murdered, Belcher's mother expressed her bereavement as "overwhelmed with both sadness and confusion." His grieving mother said in a statement, "As a family, no words can express the sorrow we feel over the loss of Jovan and Kasandra," she said in a tearful soft voice. The couple also had relatives on the Kansas City Chiefs that were grieving with the death of the couple. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and his wife Whitney were also grieving and expressed their condolences, "Our family has suffered a personal tragic loss." He added, "Kassandra Perkins was, in fact, first cousin to my wife, Whitney. As this is a very tough time for our family, I ask that we are respected as we grieve. Kassandra was not only family, but a friend and a loving mother. As my actual family and my Kansas City Chiefs family have been altered forever, we ask that you keep us and most importantly their child in prayer. Thank you all for your continued support."

Recently, police released 911 recordings from that night they found Perkins with multiple gun shot wounds to her chest and one through her neck, while another recording could be heard of police with Belcher, while his coach and general manager desperately tried to negotiate with the athlete to put his gun down.

According to Radar Online, details emerged of what may have caused the tragedies:

  • Belcher was drunk and with another woman, just hours before the tragedy.
  • The linebacker was hit in the head several times during an NFL game, raising questions about his ability to think clearly if he suffered from a concussion.
  • He was mixing alcohol and prescription pills immediately before committing the murder suicide

The "Kansas City Star" is reporting that the athlete may have gotten into an argument with his Perkins and told her, "You can't talk to me like that." He then shot her nine times in front of his mother and apologized to her lifeless body and his mother before fleeing the scene and killing himself. Hours before he was with a woman named Britini Glass Friday night, who told the "Post" "I was with him that night, that's it."

Perkins and Belcher has had relationship problems for months and were in counseling to reconcile their differences.

Listen here for police 911 tape:

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