Brian Harnois Missing, Now FOUND: Former 'Ghost Hunters' Paranormal Expert Seeking Treatment Following Alleged Facebook Suicide Note

By Danica Bellini | Dec 10, 2012 11:39 AM EST
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Reports confirm that Brian Harnois, a paranormal expert and former star of the hit Syfy original series "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International," has been found after having gone suddenly missing after posting an alleged suicide note on Facebook on Sunday morning (Dec. 9). Harnois' wife Michelle sent out a tweet Monday morning reaffirming that the 36-year-old's whereabouts were still unknown and that Warwick, Rhode Island police were currently searching for the supernatural-prone reality star. Just a few hours later, Michelle sent out a tweet claiming that few details have been released, but that Harnois has been found safe and is currently seeking mental help and treatment.

According to reports, Harnois (who just celebrated his 36th birthday a few days ago) posted a troubling and worrisome note to his wife and children on his Facebook page entitled "Goodbye." Apparently Harnois and Michelle are in the middle of a rough separation, and the former Syfy star (who has also produced several films about "possibly haunted places" in Saginaw, Michigan) was extremely upset and depressed over his failed marriage. Just check out this recent tweet posted by Michelle signifying how strained their relationship was:

@MichelleHarnois: "My opinion on procreating with a sociopath is that you should not."

Following the Facebook post, which many friends and family took as a suicide note, Harnois went missing. Michelle (who hadn't heard from Harnois in over a week) then sent out a number of worried tweets, including:

@MichelleHarnois: "Everyone please help us find Brian. His daughters and I as well as his family and friends are worried sick."

@MichelleHarnois: "Police are leaving. Still no word or sign of him. Keep looking please."

 ‏@MichelleHarnois: "Guys Brian is still missing! The Warwick Police Department in RI is actively searching for him. Please call them ASAP w info 401-468-4200!"

@MichelleHarnois: "Thank you everyone spreading the word about Brian. Please continue to do so. There is misinformation going around. He is NOT found."

@MichelleHarnois: "This is what is so alarming. Everyone he knows is aware of the situation and nobody has heard anything."

Friends, family, and fans then began spreading this alert message around popular social networking sites:

"* * ENDANGERED MISSING * * Brian Harnois, former member of TAPS (Ghost Hunters) posted a goodbye/suicide note on his Facebook page this morning. He hasn't been heard from since, his cellphone is off, and the people who know him best are worried about his wellbeing. If you are in or know ANYONE in the Warwick, RI area, PLEASE REPOST this and share on their pages. The authorities are involved in the search, and anyone with information about where he might be, or when he was last seen or heard from today, please contact the Warwick, RI police department at (401) 468-4200. If Brian himself sees this - PLEASE think of those sweet little girls who love their daddy, and let someone know where you are."

Seeking TheLost on Facebook also joined the cause in an attempt to bring Harnois back home safe and sound.

Finally just around 11 a.m. on Monday (Dec. 10) Michelle posted:

@MichelleHarnois: "I do not know the details but Brian has been found SAFE and is currently in his way to get mental treatment."

No official statement in regards to Harnois' recovery has yet to be issued, but Syfy costars Chip Coffey (of "Paranormal State" and "Paranormal Kids") and Jason Hawes of "Ghost Hunters" confirm the news on Twitter and Facebook:

@Jchawes: "I was just informed Brian was found safe and sound."

Chip Coffey - Psychic and Medium: "This just in, though NOT confirmed: According to a post on Brian Harnois' wife's Twitter page, Brian has been found safe and will be getting help... Jason Hawes posted on his Twitter page: 'I was just informed Brian was found safe and sound.'"

More details to follow once they become available.

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