Flag Day 2015: Top 3 Historical Facts to Help You Understand Why This is a Thing

By Kyle Dowling (kyle.dowling@mstarsnews.com) | Jun 14, 2015 12:34 PM EDT
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It is Flag Day 2015, folks! How excited are you?! Or, are you just discovering that it's Flag Day because we just told you? Well, don't worry – you're in the same boat as so many people across this great land. Therefore, MStars News has grabbed a few historical facts about the day and our great, ever-waving, flag to help you realize just why we celebrate this day.

Or, why we call it something and then don't celebrate it at all.

3. Just Like Us, The Flag Keeps Changing
Much like the denizens of the United States, the flag just can't find anything to wear... figuratively, of course. As of now, the flag has been changes up to 27 times, according to reports from IBT Times. The last time it was changed was back in 1960 when Hawaii was officially declared a state.

2. The Design Was Created By A High School Student
Just like everything in America, the higher ups decided to push some work they didn't want to do you someone "less than" them. Or, maybe it was for fun – we don't know. Either way, the current design of the American flag was reportedly created by Robert G. Heft, who made the design as a high school project and earned a B-.

Which, of course, is good enough for America.

Though we should say that his grade was changed to an A once the government chose it.

1. It's A Symbol of Our Nation But Not Good Enough to Be A National Holiday
Pennsylvania is the only state that recognizes Flag Day as a national holiday, per a report from the History Channel.

So, why do we celebrate talk about Flag Day? Simply put, to observe the "official adoption of the stars and stripes in 1777."

There you go, folks. Now you know something about Flag Day. And next year, when this day rolls around again, we'll have something else for you... because we're certain you'll forget about it.

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