Feeling Tired? Top 3 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy without Supplements, Pills

By Kyle Dowling (kyle.dowling@mstarsnews.com) | Jun 16, 2015 04:15 PM EDT
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If you're anything like us (or this writer in particular), then you're constantly finding yourself tired. In fact, if you're really like us (okay, me), then "tired" is just as good of an answer as "fine" is to the question "how are you?" But don't worry, MStars News has nabbed a few of the best ways to boost your energy when you're feeling sluggish. And perhaps the best part, none of the ways have you taking in any supplements or pills.

In fact, after you check out our list, you might find yourself realizing that you've felt a difference in the past after doing a number of these.

Okay, enough waiting. Let's check out the top 3 ways to boost your energy.

3. Start Moving
Moving around creates energy, folks. The Spirit Science claims that many of us live what's called a "sedentary lifestyle." To stop that... move a bit!

2. Start Laughing
It's so simple but if we laugh it's reported that it's easier to "banish negative energies." They say laughter is the best medicine? Well, it just may be...

1. Start Connecting
Believe it or not, connecting with other people is one of the best way to feel energized and fulfilled. Furthermore, if you're connected you feel as if you're a part of something. Which, sorry to say to all you loners out there, is a much, much easier way to go about life. At least, from a happiness perspective.

Readers, any other thoughts on natural ways to boost our energy? Let us know below.

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