Fox's 'Wayward Pines': Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard's Sheriff Pope Meet Again?

By Jorge Solis ( | Jun 18, 2015 04:00 PM EDT
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The mystery/suspense drama, Wayward Pines, from The Sixth Sense director, M. Night Shyamalan continues on Fox. In Episode 6, will agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) find himself meeting with Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) again during their time-jump, somewhere in the time-stream?

As we previously mentioned, Secret Service agent Ethan Burke (Dillon) was in the middle of an investigation when his car was suddenly hit by a truck. Outside of Wayward Pines, Ethan's wife Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) is wondering why her husband has gone missing. Waking up, Ethan finds himself trapped in a strange town where anyone could either be an ally or enemy.

The fifth episode revealed Ethan and his family Ben, are living with the last remainders of humanity in the year, 4028. Somehow thy all have ended up 2,000 years into the apocalyptic future. The fence is is meat protecting Wayward Pines from Aberrations, the Abbies, who happen to be mutated, violent descendants of humans.

In an interview with TV Line, showrunner/executive producer Chad Hodge explains the time jump, "A lot of people were chosen for specific reasons, Ethan for sure. Some people were chosen because they happened to be around Wayward Pines and they could easily hijack or abduct them. Some people were chosen because this is actually a better life than the life they had before - you'll see a lot more of that as we go through Episodes 6 and 7."

Then who did Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) and her son meet on the road? How did Theresa meet Sheriff Pope is he's supposed to be in 4028 and she's in the year 2014?

The site adds, "In that scene, Pope's not in 4028. Yet. Everyone you've met existed in our time/'the past.' But then at some point, as detailed in the next episode (airing June 25), each Wayward Pines-bound person was put into 'hibernation' and eventually awoken in the (distant!) future."

So will Ethan and his family meet Sheriff Pope again if they make it back to 2014?

Check out Five in 5 here:

Wayward Pines returns on June 25 at 9 with an all-new episode.

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