USA's 'Mr. Robot': Episode 1 Recap: 'Hellofriend.Mov': Christian Slater, Rami Malek Premiere!

By Jorge Solis ( | Jun 25, 2015 01:00 AM EDT
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The highly anticipated premiere of the  hacker drama, Mr. Robot. arrives on USA Network, In Episode 1, Hellofriend.movElliot (Rami Malek) and Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday) suddenly find their livers spiraling out of control when an anarchist Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) attempts to recruit the programmer.

In the subway, Elliot doesn't realize he was being watched by Mr. Robot. He should have gone to Angela's party but he didn't want to deal with her boyfriend, Ollie Parker (Ben Rappaport). instead of going to the party, Elliot sought vengeance against a cafe owner, who also happened to be a pedophile, and got him arrested. 

Elliot has a meeting with his therapist Krista Gordon (Gloria Reuben). He hacked into her life and knows she's dating someone. Unable to reveal himself and his feeling for Angela, Krista recognizes Elliot when he starts lying. Unable to deal with his emotions, Elliot turns to drugs and has a fling with his female neighbor/dealer.

At their security company, Angela and Elliot are in a meeting with their boss, Gideon (Michael Gill). They are going to meet with their new client, the wealthy Terry Colby (Bruce Altman). After trying to make peace with Angela's boyfriend, Elliot has a short conversation with Terry's assistant, Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström). 

After stalking his therapist's boyfriend, Elliot is called in the middle of the night by Angela. The security company is under the threat of a major hack, which has already caused Evil Corp to lose millions. Gideon gets Elliot on a plane to stop the hack at its source. 

Elliot has the opportunity to delete the code, but he hesitates. Unsure of what to do with the code, he makes sure it cannot be used without his permission. Elliot checks the data and discovers the hacker's signature, F-society.

During his train ride, Mr. Robot finally makes his introduction and invites Elliot over to his Coney Island hideout. At the ferris wheel, Mr. Robot has a big plan to ruin the Terry Colby and redistribute the wealth; all he needs is Elliot's help. After their meeting, Elliot thinks he has gone insane and imagined the whole thing. 

At the business meeting, Terry Colby  makes a fool of Angela and gets her to leave the office. Elliot makes the decision to switch the files, which Tyrell notices. Nothing happens the next few days after making the switch. Realizing he was being lied to, Elliot visits the Coney Island hideout and discovers the place empty. 

After discovering his therapist's boyfriend is not who he says he is is, Elliot confronts the man in the streets, with his wife. Promising to reveal his dirty secrets, Elliot orders him to breakup with his therapist. During their meeting, Elliot asks for advice from Krista Gordon on what to do with Angela.

Following Krista's advice, Elliot apologizes to Angela and gets a hug from her. Elliot and Angela's intimate conversation is interrupted by everyone gawking at the news monitors. Just as Mr. Robot had planned, Terry Colby is being framed the massive hack attack. The news footage shows Terry in handcuffs.

At Times Square, Elliot is whisked away and dragged to a secret place. We're back at the beginning, the wealthy one percent are seen arguing, until Elliot enters the room. Tyrell Wellick happens to be one of them, possibly their leader.

Elliot breaks the fourth wall and asks viewers, "You see them too?"

Readers, what did you think of the

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