Top 3 Foods That Help You Build Muscle

By Kyle Dowling ( | Jul 13, 2015 02:10 PM EDT
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Building muscle not only comes from lifting weights; it also comes from choosing the correct food to eat. Sadly, devouring a plate of nachos isn't the right food we're talking about here—though it is damn delicious. No, what we're speaking of are those foods that prove to help you build muscle. And believe it or not, they're still great in taste.

Of course, just not as good as popcorn, nachos, chicken wings, chips or fried Oreos are. But they're still okay.

Just... not as good.

Anyway, if you're hoping to pack on some healthy weight this summer, check out the below foods, ones that contain secret ingredients to assure that you're getting every benefit possible to better aid you in bulking up.

These incredible little ovals are rich in protein. And while you can gain some muscle by tossing them at houses on the night before Halloween, you can probably gain more by eating them.

We know, who would have thought?

Now, you might hear some people say that egg whites are better for you than the yolk. But a report at Men's Health notes that it's important to eat the yolk as well, as it contains a hefty amount of B12 – an ingredient that aids in "fat breakdown and muscle contraction."

Salmon is rich in protein and reduces your risk of both diabetes and heart disease. It also contain omega-3 fatty acids which help "decrease muscle-protein breakdown after your workout," per the report. Which, of course, helps your recovery.

Sure, those Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachio ads are hilarious, but almonds are the ones you should be eating. Almonds hold vitamin E, which helps prevent damage after you've had a good workout.

Now, just a warning, almond are pretty addictive – a handful a day should be just fine.

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