AMC's 'Humans' Recap: Will William Hurt, Colin Morgan, Gemma Chan Save George In Episode 7?

By Jorge Solis ( | Aug 09, 2015 10:00 PM EDT
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The sci-fi drama, Humans, continues with 2 more episodes on AMC. In Episode 7, viewers will discover the connection between Dr. George Millican (William Hurt), Leo (Colin Morgan) and synth Anita/Mia (Gemma Chan) as the deadly conspiracy takes an unexpected twist from an unwelcomed visitor. 

While DI Karen Voss (Ruth Bradley) remembers something from her past, meeting Niska (Emily Berrington) and being yelled at, Anita tells Laura (Katherine Parkinson) thats he's worried about Leo and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah). Anita/Mia reveals she was programmed to love Leo like a son; it's who she is. 

Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) then shows up at the door, but he's not welcomed back home. Joe then meets Mia for the first time, not Anita. When Pete Drummond (Neil Maskell) discovers his partner is missing, Karen tells him not to go out looking for her. Karen pays a visit to George and meets Niska, who calls her "Beatrice."

Holding a gun to Niska's face, George stops Beatrice/Karen from pulling the trigger at her. Unfortunately, Beatrice/Karen ends up shooting George in the stomach. As he lies on the floor dying, George wants Niska to leave before the police arrive. 

While Pete digs up dirt on David Elster, Niska reveals she thought Beatrice/Karen was lost to them. Beatrice/Karen tried to kill herself but she can't because there is a block in her root code. Beatrice/Karen has been living with the humans, learning she is a mistake. 

Odi (Will Tudor) stays with George, helping him to remember a forgotten memory, before he dies. Leo then finds Fred (Sope Dirisu), who thinks he knows  how to save Max. Niska makes a call to Leo, who tells her where to go next. Mattie (Lucy Carless) notices how things are awkward and uncomfortable with her father around the house.

When the family all of a sudden meet Niska, Anita/Mia's sister, Leo and Fred find Max washed up on shore. At George's place, Hobbs (Danny Webb) is sad to see his former friend dead. Niska doesn't want Anita/Mia to tell Leo that Beatrice/Karen is after them. 

After Leo and Fred show up at the house, Mattie works on her laptop to bring Max back to life. Leo then conducts his own blood transfusion as they wait for Max to wake up. As the family and the Synths get to know each other, Joe attempts to reconcile with his son as he plays a game of football with Fred.

Fred crashes for a bit, sensing something wrong. Inside Hobbs' car, Beatrice/Karen apologizes for putting a bullet in George. She promises to Hobbs to put a stop to Leo and the others under one condition though; he has to to kill her in the end. 

Suddenly the police show up at the front of the house, checking up on Joe's call. Though Joe gets the police to go away, he only makes things worse between the Synths and his family. Anita/Mia asks Laura to tell Joe about her past because she feels his pain.  

At the dinner table, Leo reveals their may be a way to pass their consciousness to other Synths, which shocks everyone. After being recharged, Max wakes up finally but he doesn't recognize Leo. Because of the fall, Max is dying,  but Leo thinks if they link their minds; it could save him. 

After seeing the police report on the news, Joe and Laura are afraid of Niska. They want the Synths out the house, which Anita/Mia agrees to. 

Leo acts like a frightened child when he suddenly sees Beatrice/Karen. All a setup, Hobbs and his goon squad enter the house, arresting everyone.  

Readers, what did you think of the seventh episode?

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