Parker Young Joins 'Arrow' Season 4 Cast as Thea's Love Interest in New Episodes

By Andrew Meola | Aug 13, 2015 04:46 PM EDT
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The cast additions to Season 4 of the CW's Arrow continue, and the latest member is Parker Young, who will portray a new love interest for Thea Queen!

The Enlisted and Suburgatory actor will play Alex Davis, a character created exclusively for the show, according to ET Online (via UPROXX). The site describes him as "a smart and driven young man, who will work for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and become a potential love interest for Thea (Willa Holland)."

The site also notes this will be a "meaty" role.

What do you think of this casting choice? Let us know in the comments section.

As you prepare for Season 4, check out our top five best moments from Season 3:

5) "My NAME...Is Oliver. Queen."

Early in the finale, Oliver attempts to execute his master plan and crash the plane containing himself, Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa, and the Alpha/Omega bioweapon in order to stop the leader of the League of Assassins and save Starling City. But before Ollie can pull off the plan, Ra's assumes that his daughter is behind the trouble and holds a blade to her throat. Oliver confesses that he has been lying to Ra's, and the Demon's Head responds that Oliver was delivered by the prophecy that the one who survives the blade of Ra's al Ghul shall become Ra's al Ghul.

"You are Heir to the Demon. Your name is Al Sah-Him..."

"My Oliver. Queen."

Stephen Amell nailed this line. His inflection, his pauses, and his growling voice were spot on for this moment. Oliver Queen struggled with an identity crisis for the entirety of the season, as he debated if he could be both hooded hero and regular man. Your mileage may vary on your interest in that storyline and how effective you felt it was, but nonetheless this line was the culmination of that struggle. Here, Oliver accepts his humanity and turns it into a weapon against Ra's.

4) The Flash Crossover

The Arrow crew's appearance on The Flash was stellar, as it featured a full-length fight between the two titular heroes. But when Barry and his team show up in Starling City, things take on a much darker tone. Whereas Oliver and crew lightened up on The Flash, Barry and friends experienced a much more grim world in Starling. Oliver inflicted pain to get information, much to Barry's horror. Sara's death still weighed on the group, who had yet to find her killer. Everything was a mess.

And yet, Barry helps restore some of Oliver's humanity by reminding him that he, too, can be an inspiration. After all, he inspired Barry to become a hero. Furthermore, the episode made great use of the Flash team by forcing the heroes into a situation in which both men needed to use their abilities to solve the problem. But even the two heroes were not enough, so literally everyone on the team had to contribute. It was a satisfying way to incorporate the large cast.

Plus, we concluded with the Rocky III freeze frame ending, so we never saw the rematch between Flash and Arrow. Who ya got?

3) Olicity Happens in Nanda Parbat

After two-plus seasons of flirting, double entendre, and awkward conversations (and more than half a season of back-and-forth drama), Oliver and Felicity finally slept together in Nanda Parbat the night before Ollie agreed to become Heir to the Demon. It was a thrilling moment for fans who have been supporting and hoping for this relationship for so long, but even those sick of Olicity had to admit that this was a satisfying scene for all involved. Ra's al Ghul wingmanned for Oliver, for goodness sake! Some would say the scene went on a little too long (uncomfortably long, maybe), but that's for you to decide.

2) Sara's death

The Season 3 premiere started out on such a hopeful note, as life was pretty good for Ollie after he stopped Slade Wilson and his Mirakuru army. The city considered the Arrow a hero, and he had his first date with Felicity. Then it all went to hell, and Oliver decided he could not be both Oliver Queen and the man under the hood. It seemed this would be the driving force for the early portion of the season, but then Sara Lance returned.

After a sweet reunion with her sister Laurel, the Black Canary turned and saw a familiar face off camera. This mysterious figure then fired three arrows into Sara's chest, which knocked her off the rooftop and killed her right in front of Laurel's eyes. It was a horrifying and legitimately shocking moment, one that added an exclamation point to the premiere and made it clear that Arrow was not messing around in its third season. Her death resonated throughout the entire season, which made it all the more impactful.

1) Oliver's death

If there's one scene that Season 3 absolutely nailed, then it was the fight between Oliver and Ra's al Ghul in the midseason finale, "The Climb." The duel on the snow-covered mountaintop was easily the highlight of this season. Ra's is intimidating, forboding, and downright scary in this scene. Oliver starts with two swords and notes that Ra's is unarmed, to which the Demon's Head replies, "I'll take your blades from you when you're through with them." Badass.

Then the fight begins, and Ra's completely outclasses Oliver. You truly feel the difference between the two, as Ra's brings his (probably) centuries of experience in battle against Ollie, who is clearly not as skilled using swords. But the beauty of this fight is the hope it provides. Oliver actually does hold his own against the leader of the League of Assassins. Sure, Ra's may have just been toying with him, but Ollie nearly delivers a potentially fatal blow toward the end of the fight, only for Ra's to catch the sword in his hand and turn the tables. He stabs Oliver in the side, slices his throat, stabs him through the chest, recited a badass poem to send him into the afterlife, and then kicks him off the mountain.

This is easily the best moment of the season. It's not even a competition.

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