Giovanna Plowman, 'Tampon Girl' Commits Suicide over Twitter, Facebook Cyber Bullying? Death Hoax Claims Infamous Viral Fame-Seeker

By Mstarz reporter | Jan 31, 2013 08:42 AM EST
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Earlier this month, 15-year-old Giovanna Plowman became an instant internet sensation when she posted a rather disturbing video of herself sucking on a used, bloody tampon. Thousands of "haters" responded on Facebook and Twitter while Plowman continued to bask in her newfound 15-minutes of viral fame. Now, a shady report on the Internet Chronicle claims that Plowman recently committed suicide due to all of the "ceaseless" cyber bullying brought on by the "heartless masses." The bogus obituary appears to be just another example of a morbid internet death hoax which has spawned a "RIP Giovanna Plowman" Facebook page. Meanwhile, a Twitter account associated with the "real" Plowman continues to function as the young teen's "fame fan base."

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First off, a little more on "Tampon Girl"... as Mstarz originally reported:

Some people will go to morbid extremes to gain their fifteen-minutes of fame... and for NY teenager Giovanna Plowman, that means posting a Facebook video of herself sucking on a bloody tampon in hopes of gaining enough notoriety to appear on the popular Comedy Central series "Tosh.0." The grotesque video (which Plowman shared through her Facebook page on Jan. 19) has since been removed, but not in time to stop the infamous "Tampon Girl" from going viral. Whether the five-minute clip of Plowman removing the dirty female hygiene product from her own body and then "playing with it" is real or not, it's still grossly disturbing nonetheless. Check it out:

The video soon went viral, prompting Plowman to continuously update on her Facebook page:

Giovanna Plowman: "OMG! SO I JUST FOUND OUT IM GOING TO BE ON TOSH.O!!! One of Daniel Tosh's agents got ahold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! This is amazing. Like I never thought it would get this big. And of course I'll be going."

And in response to all the haters...

Giovanna Plowman: "Have you ever watched Jackass? Fear Factor? Jersey Shore? I know you all have. It's okay for them to get famous from eating and doing such stupid stuff or being sluts and partying hard. But i eat a tampon and get so much hate? It makes no sense. Just because I'm a girl and ate something gross and got famous you hate on me? I'm a real nice girl. Don't start drama... and I have only ever had one boyfriend? Please tell me how I'm a slut. Smh idgaf about you haters I'll shine on with or with out you!"

Since then, Plowman has continued to uphold her infamous "Tampon Girl" persona, despite all of the harshly negative feedback.

Now, check out this "obit" posted by the Internet Chronicle on January 23:

Giovanna Plowman, "Tampon Girl," commits suicide at 15

"I'm the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i'm THAT famous! (;"

"TAMPA, FLA. - Giovanna Plowman's rise to fame was meteoric, but as she dazzled Internet denizens with feats of amazing fecundity, she also sowed the seeds of her own demise. Just 48 hours into her new career as the Internet's most famous tampon-sucker, the ceaseless bullying of the heartless masses forced her to commit suicide. Ms. Plowman's suicide video has since received over 50 million views from adoring fans.

'[G]iovanna just wanted to be famous like all of us. I can't believe they'd do this to her, just for expressing herself,' said one commenter on YouTube. Fans may have only known her for a few short days, but the hole she plugged in their hearts was left gaping and bloody. "We must stop these trolls! They're taking our youngest and brightest from us," said Mothers Against Trolling spokesperson Lindsey Siphers.

This tragic death comes on the heels of a spat of teenage suicides related to bullying, and many commenters have likened Giovanna Plowman to Amanda Todd. 'She's just so brave,' said one fan, 'for standing up to those bullies like this. God bless Giovanna.'"

Obviously this looks to be a bogus "death notice" posted by a random blogger. No proper information is given, and the precise wording is a bit too "disrespectful" for a proper obituary.

But social media/networking responded instantly to the "suicide," one "friend" even supposedly founding a "RIP Facebook Page." And still, the "haters" came out in full-force:

Angel Roze Heaven: OMG! Who tf cares! She dies she dies! It ain't our problem, she shouldn't have sucked on a tampon like a d##k, to me SHE'S STILL A NAAASTAY A## ATTENTION SEEKING W##RE! And seriously? Her 'friend keeping her account updated? Aha this is just a f##king fake."

Bradley Cousins: "Haha lol she bit off more then she can chew haha thats right a bloody tampon."

Alma D. Ramos: "This is so freaken stupid! If she didn't want all these rude comments & shit she shouldn't have fucken done it in the first place !
Stupid god damn attention whore."

On a bogus Twitter account, someone posing as Plowman's mother tweets:

@TheGiovannaP: "Hello this is Giovanna mom. I'm very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I'm extremely upset with all the hate she got. Yes I wasn't happen she eat a f*cking tampon but guess what? It was her like not your life. If you think what she did wrong you.... Its funny how you guys don't like bullying but you were bullying my daughter. You guys are some real fake people. #ridiculous,"

Meanwhile, a Facebook and Twitter account allegedly associated with the "real" Plowman continues to function as if no death hoax even exists... Plowman brags about supposed upcoming appearances on "Tosh.O," Ellen DeGeneres," and MTV.

Even if people despise Plowman's actions, it's never funny to fake a death or suicide, especially having to deal with teen cyber bullying. It's a very serious issue that should never be taken so lightly.


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