Super Bowl Swearing, Joe Flacco F-Bomb [VIDEO]: Ravens Quarterback Curses in Excitement Over Super Bowl Win, Faces FCC Fines

By Jon Niles | Feb 04, 2013 11:32 AM EST
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Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco could be facing a fine from the FCC after he was caught on camera expressing his excitement over his victory by dropping the F-Bomb. Flacco had three touchdowns in and lead the Ravens to a 34-31 Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. In an exchange close enough to broadcast microphones with Ravens teammate, lineman Marshal Yanda (who dropped the S-bomb), the quarterback said, "F------ awesome!" Clearly such a strong word on live television has stirred up some talk around the Internet, with speculation of fines and punishments coming from the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). In order for any action to be made by the FCC, the organization has to receive complaints from viewers. Fortunately for the Super Bowl champion, his swearing was on air after 10PM and the "indecency rules" enforced by the FCC run from 6PM to 10PM. Considering the fact that Joe Flacco had a stellar performance this weekend and just won the most important game in the football, even if the quarterback gets fined it is highly unlikely the MVP will care that much. Flacco took to his official Twitter account to express even more excitement last night. This time without swearing:

In 1934, Congress passed the Communications Act, establishing a new Federal Communications Commission to oversee broadcasts across all spectrums of communications including radio, telephone operations and television. Part of the FCC's focus is to make sure television viewers are not offended by anything being shown in their homes. There are regulations on violence, sexually explicit materials and language. All networks are obligated to use a rating system that informs viewers of the program's content. Yes, I am talking about the little boxes in the corner of your screen with a specific code showcased. With live events there is usually a delay between the broadcast and actual events going on, but not in the case of the Super Bowl ending. This is how the F-Bomb got through the cracks. Fines are usually dealt in situations like these and have helped maintain order in the broadcast world. At a recent awards show, singer Cher and socialite Nicole Richie were fined for cursing during a live broadcast. The United States Supreme Court threw out these fines. Despite some of their punishments being found unnecessary, the FCC still continues to enforce its cause and ideals whenever the cause arises.

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