Zombie Apocalypse Warning [VIDEO]: Montana Hackers Breach News Station, Fake Emergency Announcement: 'Bodies of Dead Are Rising From Their Graves'

By Jon Niles | Feb 12, 2013 10:51 AM EST
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The Zombie Apocalypse was announced yesterday in Great Falls, Montana, thanks to some local hackers breaching the Montana Television Network in order to have some fun with viewers. The hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System of the town's affiliated network, KRTV, and its CW station, and made the following announcement: "Several authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living." As a result, numerous confused residents who were watching at the time of the hacked broadcast called police asking about the living dead. KRTV's website has addressed the false zombie announcement, saying engineers and authorities are investigating the breach.

As evident in the provided video above, the message seems official considering the Emergency Alert System tone leading into a stern-sounding man announcing the news. Even the wording is well thought out. "[T]he bodies of the dead" sounds much better than "zombies." This whole incident must have really startled some of the older Great Falls residents who were just trying to enjoy the "Steve Wilkos Show." What I guess I am trying to say is, good job local Montana hackers. This might not have been a huge "hack" but it certainly was as successful as it could have been. Unless they were aiming for some sort of dramatic, chaotic reaction from the viewers, which would have just been terrible and maybe a little funny.

But is this the end of this group's zombie hacks? Maybe they will edit some footage from AMC's "The Walking Dead" and broadcast it over the network as breaking news. Again, some residents will be very confused and maybe even horrified at this. Maybe thy should watch more "The Walking Dead" in order to understand how absurd the "Zombie Apocalypse" actually occurring is. Educate yourselves.

Or maybe zombies are too passé for these Montana hackers. They could be "over it" after this event. So what would they try next? My vote is for ghosts or demons. They could easily convince some super religious viewers that ghosts are robbing banks or demons are strolling around the country. This is clearly what I would like to hear about. Exciting stuff. My point is that it is very simple make people believe something by putting it on television in a convincing matter. But what if something actually does happen? Are people just going to think the Emergency Alert System has just been hacked again, a la the "crying wolf" notion? Great. Now I'm worried about zombies again.

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