Karrine Steffans Speaks on "Husband" Rumors After Rotimi Miscarriage: Who is Keith Beasley?

By Star Connor (s.connor@mstarsnews.com) | Sep 09, 2015 05:37 PM EDT
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A photo posted by Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) on Aug 24, 2015 at 4:46pm PDT

Karrine Steffans has been catching a lot of fire when it comes to the father of her miscarried child who she referred to as "her." Steffans claimed that she had lost her "husband's" baby but is the mystery man, Power star, Rotimi? Lil Wayne's ex fling has been blasting him claiming he was the father, but was that her secret "husband?" There has also been a new guy added to the mix named Keith Beasley! In a new post Ms. Superhead is speaking out on the entire drama.


"As a storyteller, it is my job to create an interesting plot and turn of events you never saw coming. It's a f**king novella. Still, I take these little pieces and I give them to you. You try to make them fit and figure out the bigger picture of the puzzle, but you can't. That frustrates you because you want 'tea' and 'shade' so badly but you can't figure out what's going on!" Clapping back at gossip sites, Steffans added, "You've spent so much time listening to the lies blogs tell, thinking I'm the one who said these things, when they're literally just making up sh*t. Then, between their pieces and my pieces, you're all so confused! Is she married? Wait, is the baby's father her husband? Can't be. Must be! But I thought she was still married to that other guy! She's only been married once. No twice. Nah, she's on her third marriage! Wait, isn't she with Wayne? Well, didn't she say they don't talk anymore? But I thought she said she'd always run to him when he calls! Wasn't that his baby? Was she even pregnant? Did she have a miscarriage or an abortion? Is she sad? Can't be, because she's back working out and taking progress pics. Who does that? Was she pregnant by her husband? By this random dude claiming to be the daddy? Or by this other guy we didn't even know she knew! Wait...wasn't she marrying a Muslim guy last year? Well, she says her husband is 20-something so...it must be that one guy. Or maybe it's that other guy! Or maybe you're all just getting played. Why would I tell you the entire truth for free when I can sell it to you? Keep watching but most of all, keep talking." 

Stabs and jabs! Check out her post right here:

According to Baller Alert, Steffans apparently lied about the father of her child. The website claimed that the author wasn't pregnant with Rotimi's child, but a man named Keith Beasley.

The infamous gossip site revealed that a source exposed Steffans' entire pregnancy drama claiming that she met Rotimi and Beasley at the same time and that's why the confusion started. You can check out what this "insider" had to say right here!

So sad that all of this drama is going on at such a hard time.

MStars News also learned that Steffans has been taking medication for postpartum, and had seeked treatment at a mental health retreat in Malibu.

Hopefully the truth comes out and someone explains what's really going on here!

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