Valentine's Day, Ryan Gosling [PHOTOS]: "Ryantines Day," Great Way to Enjoy the Holiday with Hollywood's Favorite Heartthrob

By Jon Niles | Feb 14, 2013 01:00 PM EST
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Ryan Gosling is no stranger to the Internet meme phenomenon that has erupted in response to the actor's sex appeal, but with today being Valentine's Day it is a good idea to explore Ryantines Day for tips and laughs. is full of hilarious Gosling-themed Valentine's messages in .GIFs and illustrations. The site expands on the more popular "Hey Girl" Gosling-themed meme that has become one of the most popular Internet themes.

The "About" section of this amazing website simply states the following:

Happy Ryantine's Day

Ryan Gosling is the modern-day saint of love.  

He is romance personified; both single and taken girls want to be embraced by this wholesome god.  

Guys, take cue from these Ryantines.

The website is credited to Lilly Grigorian and Tiger Wang for art direction and original concept, and features the illustrations and photography of Allison Krumwiede and Rene Rodriguez, respectively. Krumwiede's little cartoons of the 32-year-old actor really help Ryantines Day stand out amongst all of the other Gosling parody sites. Instead of just pictures, the stylized sketches are paired with the familiar "Hey girl" lines that we all love only specifically fitted for the holiday. 

I do have some problems with the site. It looks like it has not been updated for this year. Perhaps the moderators did not have time to make new drawings this year.  Another downfall for the site is that the quotes are really not that clever. Specifically, the "Hey girl, let's mac in a room," play on macaroons. Just a little disappointing, you guys. I will admit that the "Hey girl, with you it's more than just a five minute window," is an amazing Drive reference and overall funny and sexy. Also, unlike other meme sites, it looks like there is no way for a third party to submit any posts. This is not that much of a problem considering the artwork is the main draw for the site and it would not work for others to try to match the sketching style of Krumwiede. So I will let that slide. And just because I love this site so much, I have included my own ideas for this Ryantines Day:

  • "Hey girl, you know you're the only Real Girl I want," with a Lars and the Real Girl sketch. This idea is mainly funny because Gosling looked hilarious with a mustache.
  • "Hey girl, Cupid ain't stupid. One arrow, two hearts," probably best paired with a younger Gosling.

Coming up with these is actually kind of hard. I take back my earlier criticism. Ryantines Day is great.

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