Valentine's Day, Break Up [PHOTO]: Woman Buys Ad Space to Dump Boyfriend On Valentine's Day, Real or Fake?

By Jon Niles | Feb 14, 2013 03:56 PM EST
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Valentine's Day is probably not the day you want to go to your regular lunch spot during your break to see that your girlfriend purchased ad space on the Amscreen digital billboard to dump you. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to "Gary" thanks to "Laura" in Manchester, England. Luckily for the Internet, Jordan Wilson snapped a picture of the message while at the Esso garage. The ad reads, "I'm leaving you for Gary. Your clothes are at your mum's. I've changed the locks. Sorry to do this on Valentine's Day. Laura."

A month-long ad on the Amscreen costs about £100 ($155), so it looks like "Laura" did not have to spend that much in order to reserve the space for her heartbreaking Valentine's Day plan. Hopefully this "Gary" fellow knows what he is getting into with "Laura." I am sure that for her next break up she will try to top this one. Maybe she will stick with the ad space theme and splurge on a billboard.

But do you think this elaborate break up was actually real? According to "The Sun," the woman responsible for the message was available to answer questions about the story. She is reported to have said that the Esso garage where the ad was on display is her ex-boyfriend's regular place to eat lunch. So how did a random guy, Joseph Wilson, know that? In the "Sun" article, there is a quote directly after Wilson's Twitter statement that reads:

"To get dumped is bad enough, but the humiliation of seeing it displayed at your local petrol station is just one step too far."

It is not credited to him, but it is made to look like he said it. He could have maybe asked the owner of the petrol station, but he would not know since the ad space is sold through Amscreen. It just seems a little over the top and too odd to be true. There are obviously a lot of questions surrounding this Valentine's Day dump that can only truly be answered by "Dan." I would love to hear from this poor sap. That is, if he is real.

I cannot remember if I was ever dumped on Valentine's Day. I do however remember dumping a girl via a note passed in class a day after Valentine's Day in 6th grade. "Dating" at that age is not really a thing, so I do not feel that bad about it now, but boy was she mad. Feel free to share your Valentine's Day heartbreak stories in the comment section!

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