'Dance Moms' Recap: Broadway Baby Dies, Abby Cries, and the Dancers Improvise

By Lauren Cortez | Feb 27, 2013 05:01 PM EST
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The hit Lifetime reality series, Dance Moms, seems to have everyone buzzing lately...even recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and singer/actress Kristin Chenoweth who were caught bonding about the show on the Red Carpet Sunday. For those who have yet to allow themselves to this pop culture "phenomenon," Dance Moms features the outspoken dance teacher Abby Lee Miller, her young dance prodigies, and of course their crazy outrageous mothers. If you missed the latest episode entitled "Bye Bye Baby" last night, here's a recap of the ridiculousness that ensued.

To sum it up in one line: 'Broadway Baby' dies, Abby cries, and the dancers improvise.

The episode centers around the loss of Abby's beloved 17-year-old dog, named "Broadway Baby" who Miller treated as her actual child. In the beginning of the episode, after revealing the loss of Broadway Baby to her students and the moms with tears in her eyes, Abby tries to wipe them away and go about her normal day in the studio.

She presented the pyramid with usual bottom row dwellers Paige & Brooke assuming their positions next to Kenzie, Kendall and underdog Nia finding a place in the second row, and Maddie unsurprisingly taking the top yet again (especially now that Sophia is out of the picture). Chloe is nowhere in sight on the pyramid, as she is still on "suspension" since her hat fell off of her head two competitions ago.

Abby gives obvious favorite Maddie a solo. The next solo was actually given to Nia, confirming that Abby must have not been feeling like herself that day. "Dr. Holly," aka Michelle Obama's twin, nods in approval for daughter Nia.

(Side note: Kelly & Christi are still not speaking, Melissa is up to her usual brown-nosing, and Jill is shown wearing her "heinous" fedora hat once again.)

It isn't until rehearsing the group dance with the girls for their upcoming competition in St. Louis that Abby breaks down again over "Baby". After America gets to witness the ugliest crying face ever and notice that the "beast" actually has emotions, Abby excuses herself from the studio and cameras follow her home, where she gushes over portraits of her dead dog, and continues to cry on her mother's shoulder (who also looks like she's getting pretty "up there" in age).

While Abby is away from the studio, the moms decide that it would be a good idea to dedicate a "tribute dance" for the late Broadway Baby as a nice gesture for the grieving dance teacher. Luckily "DJ" Jill whipped out her phone and stumbled upon an upbeat pop song that they decide to change Abby's original music to.

After altering Abby's choreography and completely changing the song, Abby returns a few days later and freaks out. She is not appreciative of the gesture nor the song selection, deeming it a "Bahama" pop song that the girls cannot use to dance in white bridal dresses.

When she is done reprimanding the moms, Abby has the girls practice improving since she doesn't want to attempt to clean up the "mess" of a dance that the moms left her with. With the competition in St. Louis the next day, and the dance rehearsal coming to an end, it seems as if the girls will be completely "winging it" on stage tomorrow, to the new song that Jill picked. No one leaves the studio with high hopes for the group dance that will be performed the next day.

Upon entering the competition, Abby Lee and her team encounter former dance mom for 2 episodes, crazy "Black Patsy" who seems to be out for blood, against Abby's studio. After the usual back and forth banter between the opposing dance sides, "Black Patsy" welcomes the "boosie" Moms to her "ghetto" and specifically calls out dance mom "Dr. Holly," who Patsy shared words with on her last DM appearance.

Nia's solo took the stage first. She did her mediocre-choreographed solo pretty well, sparkling in her costume made by Holly and hated by Abby who pretty much said that it made Nia look fat. This costume later won a special award from the competition, allowing Holly to throw it in Abby's face. Nice win for Holly! As for Nia's dance, it placed 3rd overall which was a huge accomplishment for the improving dancer.

Maddie's solo was next. The talented dancer's performance was awesome as always, earning her the top spot overall in her age group. At the end of her dance, an announcement was made that Maddie wanted to tribute the dance to "Broadway Baby." As Abby was touched and teared up, the moms became revved up. Aggravated that their group tribute didn't go over so well, yet when it came from Melissa and Maddie, Abby was tickled.

After some words amongst the moms, the group got ready to perform their dance, which they were not prepared for. Somehow the random improv landed its way into first place, regardless of the hasty preparation, which pleased Abby and the Moms. However, "Black Patsy" wasn't as proud of the outcome. After causing a seen and "going all ghetto" on the Pittsburgh dance moms, she was removed from the competition building, with her daughter.

After the fight between crazy Patsy, Jill complained that none of the moms were there to back her up in the argument. Also, Kelly and Christi rekindled their friendship, realizing that they need each other or else nobody would have their backs in the group.

It's a happy ending for all in this episode, minus "Black Patsy" and Broadway Baby of course. At least the dog got Maddie's lovely dance tribute as well as an "In Memory of Broadway Baby 1996-2012" at the end of the episode.

Be sure not to miss next weeks episode for more of Miss Abby's competition adventures.

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