Kim Kardashian Baby Bump, 'Meltdown' over 65-Pound Pregnancy Weight Gain? Kim K 'Mocks' Khloe and Lamar Odom's Marriage

By Danica Bellini, Mstars Reporter | Mar 06, 2013 02:57 PM EST
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Will the pregnant Kim Kardashian ever get some peace? Probably not. New (and shady) reports claim that the reality starlet's growing baby bump has already added a whopping 65-pounds to her typically petite figure... and Kanye West's baby mama isn't too happy about it. Apparently, Kim K is having major "meltdown" issues over her abundant pregnancy weight gain and the fact that it's "ruining" her body. Yeah, sounds pretty ridiculous... but the seedy "Kardashian news update" gets even worse. According to Life & Style, the mommy-to-be actually mocked sister Khloe's "fast" marriage to Lamar Odom in a recent Cosmopolitan magazine interview. But if fans take a closer look, it turns out Kim K was actually praising her younger sister's luck in finding love so quick. Why are these tabloids out to make Kim appear as a crazy, pregnant madwoman?!

First, check out this sensationalized headline emblazoned on the front cover of a recent Star magazine issue:

"Pregnant Kim's Nightmare: 65-lb Weight Gain! Binges on pasta, cake, and ice cream. "These stretch marks are ruining my body!" Greedy Kris [Jenner] already shopping a $4 million diet deal."


An alleged inside source goes on to explain (in vivid detail), "She's looking at old pictures of herself on her computer and her phone for literally hours at a time, pining for her pre-pregnancy body. She is seriously melting down! Kim is desperate to stop gaining so much weight, but she can't seem to get it under control. She cries every other day, and she's scared to see how big she'll get...She's called her sisters, crying, because she thinks her butt looks like 'a big hunk of cheese."

But still, the source insists that Kim can't stop "binge eating" on junk food.

Star even got in touch with a "body expert," who claims that the reality starlet has "put on an insane amount of weight" in the five months she's been pregnant. "It's likely around 65 lbs. so far!"

That's right - that 65-pound weight gain figure was made up by an "expert." Kim K does not look like she's gained 65-pounds already:

Star wraps up with the ridiculous report with these fun facts: Kim K currently sleeps in Spanx, slathers "hundreds of dollars worth of" stretch mark cream all over her body daily, and is worried that West will cheat on her because she's scared to be in front of him naked.

It's all a lie. Kim K recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that she's totally ready to take on the trials of pregnancy, including packing on the pounds. "I'll definitely be up there," she mused.

Oh, and as for those rumors that Kim mocked her own sister's marriage. Here is the Cosmo quote that Life & Style based that shady claim off of, deeming it Kim's "lowest blow yet" -

"I saw fast marriages like Khloe and Lamar's, and that was what seemed to work. [Now] I say give it a good six months before you commit. Feelings change."

Okay, so maybe things didn't work out between Kardashian and Kris Humphries. But it appears that Kim K is actually happy and thankful that Khloe's fast-moving relationship with Lamar DID work out. She wasn't "lashing out" about it.

And that's that.


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