'Still Alice's' Julianne Moore Hugged by NYC Tourist While Crying on the Street [WATCH]

Dec 01, 2015 03:39 PM EST

Julianne Moore on 'Billy on the Street'
(Photo : Screengrab from YouTube)

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Julianne Moore: Academy Award winning actress, proud redhead ... NYC tourist attraction? The Still Alice star recently stopped by Billy on the Street with host Billy Eichner and made the days of several tourists around Times Square – specifically one who hugged her while she was crying on the street.

Why was she crying? Well, because Billy Eichner told her to.

Moore and Eichner took to the streets of New York, with the actress recreating lines from some of her hit films such as The Big Lebowski and Magnolia. But things took an interesting turn when the two approached an Asian tourist and Moore began to cry on cue.

And while he had absolutely no idea who she was – "Famous woman?" – and why she was crying, Billy Eichner made him hug her.

Because that's the type of thing that happens on Billy on the Street.

"Comfort her. Go help her," Eichner said. And naturally, the (probably uncomfortable) tourist did just that.

Alongside making tourists feel awkward – by either making them hug Julianne Moore or interrupting their pictures with the likes of Elmo and the Cookie Monster – Eichner made a ballsy proclamation with several tourists, and Julianne Moore, one that Marvel probably wouldn't enjoy too much.

His assertion? "F*ck Spiderman."

Oh boy...


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